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Apr 7, 2021 7:13:02 PM

Anders Östman joins Columbia Road

Hannah Nordenström

Marketing Lead, Sweden

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Anders_Hi Anders, How did you get good at what you do?

I graduated from Stockholm University with a Master’s degree in Business development and entrepreneurship.

During this time I learned economics, sales, marketing, and business development, which led me to start my own ecommerce. It was a business I had in parallel with my studies and where I learned digital sales in the real world. This was at a time when it was still a big challenge to charge customers online.

After my studies at Stockholm University, I furthered my education at Berghs School of Communication where I specifically improved my marketing skills.

Where have you earned your spurs?

I started my professional career in business development at Capgemini where I stayed for 3 years. During that time, I learned a lot about sales, project management, and how a large international company operates.

After this time, I started focusing more on digital sales and started working in ecommerce, digital marketing, SEO, and conversion optimisation.

For the past 10 years, I have worked in digital sales in both B2C and B2B fields. I have both been employed and I have also run my own consulting company for 6 years. I have been fortunate to work with customers in different fields, for example in Beauty, SaaS, streaming service, consumer products & services, B2B technology, and lead generation.

Why Columbia Road?

When I first heard about Columbia Road, I immediately felt that it is a company that works entirely within my expertise and that there was an opportunity for me to develop. Both the company's values and culture are unique and truly impressive.

When I got the chance to be a part of Columbia Road, I jumped at it right away. To be able to work together with the talents available at the company and to be able to focus 100% on creating value for clients feels just right.

Lauri, what will make our clients love Anders?

“Anders has built up his knowledge by working with digital sales for over 10 years in various roles and industries. He is a very experienced and positive person who is easy to work with. He is also great at listening and tuning in to our client's challenges and making suggestions for improvements. With a combination of technology, marketing, and business, he is a valuable asset for both us and our clients,” says Lauri Eurén, General Manager at Columbia Road.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

When I'm not at work I try to get out in nature and exercise, hike & spend time with my two dogs. I have a crazy French bulldog named Harry and an oversized Chihuahua named Charlie.

All my life I have had a passion for mountains and snowboarding so when I get the opportunity I go to the mountains to do some backcountry snowboarding.

In addition to this, I have a passion for carpentry. Everything from renovating my apartment to building a summer house. I like to create things and see them develop into something I built myself. This applies both at work and in my free time.

How would you fancy working alongside Anders at Columbia Road? We're constantly looking for new skilful and nice people to join our crew! Take a peek at our open positions 👇

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