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Jun 29, 2017 8:51:00 AM

Ryuichi Okubo joins Columbia Road

Patricia Åkerman

Head of Marketing & Communications

ryuichi-profile.png After a full circle from back to front end, web applications and Android, Ryuichi Okubo is starting a new chapter in his life as an ecommerce developer.

Ryuichi is a physicist turned into developer. He’s a graduate of Geophysics from Tohoku University, Japan including a liaison to University of Tampere. He’s been grinding the startup scene since he left a web engineer position at Yahoo Japan in 2011. He moved to Finland as he’d enjoyed his exchange here and likes the working culture over Japan’s. Since then he’s worked as a full-stack developer in many startup companies like Blaast, Jongla and Hubchat, from where he joins us.

“This position is a great learning opportunity for me as we do everything from back-end to front-end to service design. I also get to go back into web development and the latest technology after years of working with Android. It’s nice to work with something with actual  business impact - that’s been lacking from my career, now I actually get to make money for our customers. I also enjoy the bigger responsibility Columbia Road gives to its employees when compared to other companies,” Ryuichi says

“Ryuichi has experience in software development as a senior developer for several years already, including web applications, Android and a variety of other areas. He brings to us essential know-how for building our competences. Ryuichi has a calming effect when you’re around him, which great in customer projects. He’s one those guys who just gets things right,” says Sampo Hämäläinen, Founding Partner at Columbia Road.

Ryuichi commutes from Hämeenlinna every day, where he lives with his girlfriend and cat Pörri. He and Pörri have been getting to know life outdoors lately, going for walks and even climbing some trees! Ryuichi loves history and reading about it, thicker the books the better!

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