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Jun 3, 2019 3:53:42 PM

Siamak Motem joins Columbia Road

Olivia Helle

Marketing Lead, Finland

Siamak_Motem_profileHi Siamak, How did you get good at what you do?

I did my Bachelors from Computer & Software Engineering in Tehran, Iran. During my first year, I started teaching c++ as a teacher assistant. Simultaneously, I was both taking courses and self-learning different web and desktop development technologies. For my Masters I moved to Finland and did an IT (Pervasive Computing) degree in Tampere University of Technology.

Where have you earned your spurs?

For my first job in Finland I worked at Intopalo Oy for Neuro Events Labs Oy. We worked with artificial intelligence, data science and a video analysing tool in order to develop an improved system for doctors for monitoring epileptic patients. It was a very inspiring experience. My next job was at Tecnotree Oy, where I worked with telecommunication (ICT).

I also own a 2-year-old company called Nordix. We offer travel consultancy and reservation services all over the world. We have deals with big names such as booking.com and Expedia, as well as many B2B companies. In addition we have organised tours in Nordic countries, offering the opportunity to experience unique phenomena such as aurora and midnight sun.

Why Columbia Road?

I admit I never loved tech for the sake of itself, but have always been hungry for implementing technology into processes refinement. It could be anything from a nice video editing tool to a refined shopping app or marketing automation. In essence, I am passionate about business, growth, development, marketing and sales. Columbia Road is the right place for me because the things I’m passionate about are all present here.

Columbia Road works with the Finnish market's big players from various industries, which makes it a great place for getting to know the market thoroughly. Furthermore, at Columbia Road we don’t have unnecessary hierarchy. One gets to enjoy transparency, and competence is respected.

Lauri, what will make our clients love Siamak?

“Siamak is truly passionate about what he does. When he is given a chance to work with the things he loves, his passion manifests in the form of outstanding work. He is a fast learner and possesses solid experience in a vast set of technologies. Siamak’s strength is being simultaneously a developer and a business owner, which allows him to see things from a broader perspective,” says Lauri Eloranta, Managing Partner at Columbia Road.

What makes your heart beat a little faster?

"Other than work, important things for me include my family, politics, sports and my own business. I play football and am a superfan of Persepolis FC, as well as Iran's national team. I also love board games and debating, and was a member of the debate society in Tampere.

I spend a lot of time working on my own business, which has now grown to the size of 6 employees. I very much enjoy applying what I have learned at CR to Nordix and vice versa. Nordix is like my own child for me," says Siamak.

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