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Efficiency and better customer experience through sales automation

Emmi Tervala

Managing Consultant, Strategy

Holistic digital B2B sales – from scattered touchpoints to a customer-oriented service

Eero Martela

General Manager, Finland

The digital revolution of B2B sales

Hannah Nordenström

Marketing Lead, Sweden

Trends in B2B: Why are digital buying tools seeing so much traction?

Pirkka Kaijanen

Principal Consultant, Marketing Technology

Amplify your B2B sales with a strategic account-based approach

Roope Paju

Consultant, Full Stack Marketing

Six key themes for winning in B2B digital sales in 2021

Emmi Tervala

Managing Consultant, Strategy

Influencing revenue from IT: Building relationships with sales

Niina Reponen

Managing Consultant, Full Stack Marketing

The building blocks of impact-driven IT

Lauri Eurén

General Manager, Sweden

CDPs and more with renowned marketing technology superstar, Scott Brinker

Ville Loppinen

General Manager, Finland

CIO top agenda for 2021 from a digital sales perspective

Elli Pyykkö

Managing Consultant, Strategy

Digital commerce profits from a sales-focused IT

Eero Martela

General Manager, Finland

This is how sales development will revolutionise your sales processes

Meri Yrjänen

Consultant, Full Stack Marketing

IT as a driver for digital sales

Olivia Helle

Marketing Lead, Finland

Site Reliability Engineering: Embrace service unreliability to steer IT DevOps

Rory How

Senior Consultant, Managed Services Lead

Roadie highlight: Ramping up sales development

Julia Helander

Associate, Sales

Digital sales first - what, why and how

Hannah Nordenström

Marketing Lead, Sweden

Digital sales maturity model – Is your business embracing digital?

Mari Silvennoinen

Principal Consultant, Strategy

Traditional to headless CMS – why and how

Lauri Larjo

Managing Consultant, Technology

AI is transforming sales 

Tuomas Syrjänen

Co-founder, AI Renewal at Futurice

Action points to recover from COVID-19 – Market research results, part II

Ellen Aarinen

Associate, Sales

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