10x lead generation growth for B2B leasing services


Nordic Finance

With Columbia Road, we’ve seen 10x growth in lead generation and reached ambitious turnover targets. We have worked together as an efficient team of multi-disciplinary experts, and evolved our ways of working in sales and marketing substantially. Linn Spanne Eriksson, Marketing Manager, Nordic Finance

Key objectives

Nordic Finance is one of Sweden’s leading experts in financial leasing. They have a long history of helping businesses grow with the help of their flexible financing services. Last year, they decided to grow their internal sales efforts with digital means and set up a new Inside Sales team with a focus on generating and nurturing leads directly from the end-customer B2B segment.

For this, Nordic Finance was looking for a partner to help them build and manage new efficient lead management processes in Salesforce Pardot.

Our approach

To get started, we set out to build a technical lead flow in Salesforce to support the digital sales process. The lead management process in Pardot and Salesforce CRM needed to be robust and support Nordic Finance’s marketing and sales needs.
Once that was in place we focused on mapping Nordic Finance’s customer journeys and buyer personas to better understand how, where, and when to reach their end-customer. With that knowledge, we started creating targeted content and campaigns to make it easy for the customers to find and learn about Nordic Finances services. 
This included everything from targeted emails, newsletters, articles, search engine optimisation, Google and social media ads as well as the creation of targeted, SEO optimised landing pages for different customer segments with value propositions suited to them. To create value for the customer and make it easy for them to convert, we also built self-service tools such as a leasing calculator for customers to calculate their monthly payments directly.
In addition to owned channels, we have implemented technical solutions and integrations with Nordic Finance’s partners in order to support lead generation from external channels. 

To track the progress and to continually optimise the efforts, we created dashboards and reports to keep track of the results. By using the collected data we continue to refine the campaigns in order to continue to grow the lead pipeline. 
Lastly, we have worked together with Nordic Finance to create a video campaign called Leasing School to educate and better help their suppliers sell leasing services. The goal of this digital video campaign is to first educate the potential customers on the concept of leasing and explain why it is a good option for their financial needs. And secondly, to promote Nordic Finance as a great option for financing their investments through leasing.


Since launching, we have managed to successfully accrue and exponentially grow the number of qualified leads going over to Inside Sales. Within the first six months, we have increased the number of leads for Nordic Finance every consecutive month.

We have also worked closely together with Nordic Finance to implement new and improved ways of working with constant feedback loops within the sales and marketing teams. This has proven an important driver for finding new opportunities and segments for their business. We have learned a lot from each other and continue working together going forward.
Impact in numbers
  • Continuous growth: We managed to increase the number of leads every consecutive month during H1
  • 10x growth: Increased number of leads with 1025% from February to June
  • Turnover targets: Our work helped Nordic Finance to reach ambitious turnover targets for H1

About Nordic Finance

One of Sweden’s leading experts in financial leasing. Nordic Finance is a dynamic company that challenges traditional financial institutions with an innovative and modern way to provide financial leasing to companies. Nordic Finance’s focus on speed, flexibility, and its capacity to treat clients as individuals is making a huge difference.

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