Building Agile Omni-channel Commerce 

Anton & Anton

What impressed us was Columbia Road’s focus on actual business impact, their insights of the industry and their can-do attitude. We also found them to be a perfect fit for our team. That is why we selected them as our strategic partner. Hanna Jokinen, Digital Business Development, Anton & Anton

Key Objectives

Anton & Anton was looking for a partner to accelerate their business in both digital and traditional channels. They were also trying to find novel ways to acquire new customers and convert them into returning customers. We saw potential in their business model, and set out to transform Anton & Anton into a true omni-channel player in the food business.

Our Approach

Our approach always starts from creating a current state analysis of the customer’s business and setting goals for the future. We set out to continuously develop their business in small increments with fast go-to-productions in both digital channels and the physical world domains such as brick-and-mortar stores and logistics. Our inbound team has tweaked Anton & Anton's marketing to reach it's full potential in SEO, AdWords and social media channels.

As Anton & Anton is a company which relies on excellent customer experience, we chose our digital commerce framework, combined with customer journey mapping, as the primary approach for acquiring an overview of their digital business. We gathered customer and industry insight and researched Anton & Anton’s pre-existing sales channels, logistics chains and sales and marketing strategies which we then turned into an actionable plan.


Throughout our partnership we have enabled Anton & Anton to run fast development cycles on a new ecommerce platform which helps them continuously grow their business in an iterative fashion as well as quickly react to changes in the consumer market. As a result, they have more knowledge and understanding on how to run a successful digital business independently, and are better equipped to easily try out different selling and marketing strategies.

As their strategic omni-channel commerce partner we strive to provide Anton & Anton a clear vision and means to accelerate both their digital and physical business. We have defined a wholesome digital commerce strategy for Anton & Anton alongside with more functional operative processes, and we continue to help them scale their business on all platforms and sales channels.

Hanna Jokinen shares her thoughts on the collaboration



About Anton & Anton

Anton & Anton is a full-service food market. They sell real food to real people who care about the quality and origin of what they eat.

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