Creating Impact with Customer Journey Mapping

YIT Plus

Columbia Road gave us an understanding of our processes and helped us find the tools to enhance the customer experience for our YIT Plus service. I’m expecting great reductions in internal workload and better customer engagement once we adopt their recommendations. I would definitely recommend Columbia Road for any kind of customer experience work. Toni Ruuska, Digital Development Manager, YIT

Key Objectives

YIT asked Columbia Road to help improve the YIT Plus service’s customer experience throughout the whole customer journey. YIT Plus is a digital interface for YIT homes, where residents have all their home-related documents in one place and they can keep contact with their living community. YIT was looking for a better understanding of their customers, and especially for more clarified internal processes for managing the service.

Our Approach

Our approach was to map the whole YIT Plus customer journey to gain a deep understanding of the service’s customer experience and engagement during the different phases of a customer journey. We gathered information for the mapping by interviewing employees and arranging multiple workshops. Further, we mapped and clarified the internal processes supporting YIT Plus by interviewing internal stakeholders and researching existing data. The internal processes were key to creating a seamless digital customer experience for YIT homeowners. We identified bottlenecks and challenges in the customer journey and gave concrete and hands-on recommendations to YIT to improve the YIT Plus customer engagement and experience.


We helped YIT to understand the big picture of YIT Plus and visualized the whole customer journey (including all the touchpoints where a customer interacts with YIT Plus). We created a clarified view of YIT’s internal actions and how those actions affect the overall customer experience. As a result, we pointed out the most important next steps and clarified a direction for YIT to improve their customer engagement and customer experience, and guidance on how to reduce internal workload (caused by confusion related to internal roles and processes).

About YIT

YIT is a Finnish construction company. It leads the way in the field as the largest construction company in Finland and the largest foreign residential construction company in Russia. YIT creates sustainable urban environments by building housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas.

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