Creating impact with data-driven digital marketing

Columbia Road’s deep expertise in paid advertising and analytics have been crucial to the performance of our webshop’s digital sales. Eeva Airaksinen, Marketing Manager,

Key objectives was looking for a partner to increase their revenue from digital channels, and they were trying to find ways to acquire more customers to their webstore. We saw the potential of effective search engine marketing and set out to help grow their business through fast-paced experimentation and validation. 

A key objective for was to achieve visibility in a field that’s closely regulated on Google due to strict policies on prescription drug advertising. Therefore, it was crucial for to find a partner who’s capable of closely following these regulations to prevent prescription drugs from showing in advertisements, and prevent policy violations on’s account. 

Our approach

In order to acquire new customers to, we followed the growth hacking methodology and tactics. We set up the entire search engine marketing advertising account – Google Ads, in other words – and ensured that analytics (Google Analytics) and tracking (Google Tag Manager) were in place. We ideated campaigning themes and more detailed topics together with the customer and by relying on data based on pragmatic keyword research while bringing in our best understanding of both best practices for paid advertising as well as field-specific lessons learnt from previous cases.

Besides getting ads to run on Google, we designed and executed a comprehensive data platform (Google Data Studio) for, where they could see total sales through search ad campaigns, ROAS (return on ad spend), and campaign conversion attribution, among other things. This dashboard with its data and consequent insights and analysis has ever since guided’s digital marketing planning and investments.

After the setup phase, we have been focusing on continuous optimisation of search campaigns for ongoing digital business growth. This work has consisted of keyword analysis, ad copy testing, campaign structure optimisation, as well as targeting and bid strategy tests.

Over the course of running search marketing, we have also planned and implemented a campaign-specific landing page and conducted A/B testing for We believe that variants should be tested against one and the other in order to determine business impact and make well-educated decisions. This kind of thinking and way of working is an integral part of the growth hacking mindset and methods. We have worked in a lean, agile manner when it comes to testing new campaigning angles as well as interpreting campaign results and determining whether to kill or scale certain growth experiments.

As for ways of working, we have been meeting up with on a bi-weekly basis to ideate new campaign ideas for paid advertising, observe and analyse data, and prioritise upcoming work (i.e., next steps for tactical execution). We strategise upcoming digital campaigning needs and consequent work together with the customer based on seasons and product or category specific needs. Thus, in addition to being a hands-on digital marketing partner for, we are also a trusted strategic marketing advisor to them.

Currently, we are exploring new digital advertising opportunities and marketing channels together with We have created a roadmap for future marketing campaign needs in order to increase’s brand awareness and – most importantly – conversions; that is, direct sales through the online webshop.


Through our cooperation we have helped to reap the benefits of data-driven decision-making and digital campaigning, operating in fast cycles to introduce new campaigns in addition to optimising continuous SEM to bring in additional value. Through our efforts, we have managed to raise the ROAS of’s campaigns to 450%.

As a result, now has a profitable new channel through which they can acquire more customers and more revenue in a sustainable way, and we will continue to help scale their digital business further. has been really pleased with Columbia Road’s work throughout the collaboration. The work that began as a project has now evolved into an ongoing customer relationship and collaboration around tactical campaigning. 


↗️  450% ROAS for digital campaigns 

↗️  1 new profitable new sales channel

↗️  1 new comprehensive data platform

About is Finland’s first and oldest pharmacy webstore.

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