Designing and building full stack ecommerce to scale Oura’s sales globally


Columbia Road has proved out to be a very reliable partner for us in ramping up international ecommerce sales. They’re proactive and understand ecommerce from business, design and technical perspectives. What’s best, now that the webstore is live, our sales numbers have increased more than we ever hoped for. Mika Ylilehto, Ecommerce Manager, Oura

Key objectives

Having your webstore as the primary global sales channel makes all requirements and needs for the webstore business-critical. Oura, as a pure-play ecommerce company with 10x growth targets, needed a web presence that can deliver on business needs and scale along with their revenue targets.

When we started, Oura was not pleased with their existing webstore. Their website, webstore and other online resources were separate entities, which was not optimal from internal nor customer experience perspective. In addition, the webstore was slow and not technically capable of handling the scaling targets.

The most critical guiding objectives for the new were:

  • More revenue: Enable Oura to grow digital sales significantly on a 10x scale.
  • Premium customer experience: Create an amazing and seamless customer experience that conveys Oura’s premium brand, quality of the product and its design.
  • Scalable tech to accommodate growth: Build a webstore with scalable architecture, that can handle 10x growth in the backend without slowing down, and also enables the automation of Oura’s internal processes.
  • Global sales: Consider international target markets from the start, every aspect of Oura’s ecommerce has to foster global growth.

Our approach

Business. We started by understanding the business goals for the new web presence. What’s the impact on business and how will we achieve this? How should improve internal processes? Does investing in a new webstore make sense in the first place?

Design. We started the design phase by understanding who Oura’s customers are, how they buy and what are the main pain points they face on their buyer’s journey. Key challenges were how to communicate a unique product and value proposition, and how to make a complicated ordering process seem simple for the customer. We iterated many times, but in the end, it was a combination of web design and email flow design that helped to solve these challenges and nurture visitors into happy customers.

Tech. Only after we had the business objectives solved did we focus on tech: Combining the requirements from above with an understanding of the issues with the existing setup allowed us to clarify what we actually needed to achieve from a technical perspective.

Building a fully integrated ecommerce solution for global ecommerce is complicated: products are sold globally, warehouses are located in multiple countries while manufacturing happens in Finland. This adds a level of technical complexity: logistics and manufacturing integrations, multi-currency support with country-specific tax rules combined with unique ordering process and order management.

The chosen tech stack was WordPress, Woocommerce and AWS in the core with plenty of customisation and integrations to accommodate the needs of global full stack ecommerce. Additionally, Google Analytics, GTM and Google Optimize were set up to enable instant A/B testing and growth hacking activities.


We launched the new site well in advance for autumn’s significant retail sprees like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Right after launching the new webstore, we’ve seen an increase in both traffic and conversion rate. Importantly, Oura can now easily update the site, create landing pages and run A/B tests on their own without requiring technical help with this setup.

Impact in numbers

Already an 80% increase in the conversion rate month-to-month and counting, while simultaneously the website’s traffic has increased over 30% (results from significant media attention has been excluded from the data).



Columbia Road - Oura KORJATTU v2_us_ENG




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About Oura

Oura is a global health technology startup founded in 2013. Their main product is the most accurate sleep tracking ring on the market. Oura has users in over 50 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides. In March 2018, Oura was chosen as one of the most promising startups in Finland by Talouselämä.

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