Digital Customer Experience and Sales Channel Strategy for Bioenergy


We were ready to launch new services for our customers at the same time as we were looking for completely new business areas for the entire company. We have set our bar high by aiming for the best customer experience, and will be improving the efficiency of our processes by improving visibility both internally and towards our customers. We selected Columbia Road as a partner to drive new ways of working and changes to our culture. Antti Kleemola, CIO, Vapo

Key Objectives

Vapo wants to be the forerunner when it comes to digitalization. They have set our bar high by aiming for the best customer experience, and are looking to improve the efficiency of processes by improving visibility both internally and towards customers. The key monetary objective was to grow sales in digital sales channels from 0€ to 100M€ in two years. In addition, Vapo wanted to enable rapid business experiments in digital channels and improve customer experience and NPS.

Our Approach

We benchmarked what local and international peer companies do, including other industries. We decided to conduct 14 customer interviews and analyse earlier customer data to better understand the customer behaviour. Based on the findings the customers were segmented for digital channels. We went through 130 touchpoints to create a customer journey map and sales channel blueprints for Vapo’s business areas.


Based on the new insights and strategy, we created a vision for Vapo's digital business, with a recommendation for the technical architecture, a business case study, and example visual designs. Vapo immediatelly started digital service and eCommerce programs to drive towards the goal of 100M€ revenue from digital channels. The programs will also improve NPS for both large and small customers in both district heating and bio fuel business areas. 

Columbia Road will continue supporting Vapo during the implementation phase of the digital sales channels and services.


About Vapo

Vapo is a modern expert organisation that supplies peat and wood fuels to its energy customers, and produces heat and electricity from these local raw materials. Vapo’s product portfolio also includes versatile peat products, and services for the agricultural and fiber industries. 

Vapo helps its customers by being the world’s leading expert on the local energy value chain. Vapo is currently introducing new business areas with the goal of transforming from a production-oriented to a more services-oriented business.

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