Improving webshop's customer experience

Minna Parikka

Investing in our digital sales channel is an important part of our goal to grow globally. Columbia Road helped us find new opportunities to improve our customers’ online journey as well as create and test a new & refined sales funnel. I’m expecting big improvements in our online conversions once we implement the new designs. Jenni Ojala, eCommerce Manager, Minna Parikka

Key objectives

Minna Parikka asked us to help them with creating a new attractive interface for their webshop. The objective was to build something that converts better and creates an overall improved user experience for their customers in their digital sales channel.

We shared a common goal of improving the customer journey throughout the webshop as a whole, especially throughout the sales funnel.

Our approach

After discussions with the team at Minna Parikka, we decided to go forward with an intensive UX design sprint to be able to achieve effective results in a tight timeframe.

During the sprint we determined common goals for their digital sales channel, digged deep into the current state of their webshop and the analytics behind it. We defined the most important areas to improve, created new webshop designs and a prototype, tested the prototype with real customers and adjusted the designs based on the feedback we received.


We helped Minna Parikka to understand the challenges in their customers’ journey throughout their digital sales channel. Within the sprint we designed and built two functioning prototypes with over 20 looks for the improved sales funnel and received important client feedback to assess the designs before implementing the changes.


In the 12 months after the project, Minna Parikka's webshop conversion rate has grown from 0.51% to 1.12% and sales have gone up 80%.

About Minna Parikka

Minna Parikka is a Finnish shoe design brand sold globally in over 25 countries.

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