Quadrupling Online Sales with Growth Hacking

Lassila & Tikanoja

In 2.5 months Columbia Road increased our webshop’s revenue by 400%. Their pool of digital commerce experts got their hands dirty with our business as if it were their own. Columbia Road drove our digital sales toward a clear objective and scored a hat trick. I’m truly amazed! Ville Simola, Lassila & Tikanoja


B2B focused L&T launched a B2C online store, their initial step towards digital sales, one year ago. However, the webshop boasted a very small catalog of L&T products and did not live up to expectations. Also, the webshop’s growth curve was stagnant. At this point L&T let Columbia Road take over the whole of digital sales from customer acquisition and marketing to the actual development of the webshop. The target was clear: In two and a half months to increase revenue as much as possible with all means.


We took over all the key aspects of running digital sales successfully and flexibly utilized our pool of very versatile experts: digital marketing, web analytics, business minded developers, conversion oriented UX and design specialists, as well as an online sales lead who we like to call shopkeeper.

In two months we: 1. Did all that we could in order to drive more customers of value to the store through digital marketing. 2. Optimized the webshop content and functionalities for conversion and created new sales oriented landing pages. 3. Actively pursued digital and consumer sales related agenda within the organization to achieve e.g. new online products and marketing campaigns.


In 2,5 months we increased L&T webshop's monthly revenue by 400 %, visitors by another 400 %, added 1,65 % to the conversion rate, and were able raise the ROAS above 1. This positive lift proved that there was potential in digital sales as well as raised the digital sales into leadership’s agenda. In short, we lifted a previously non-relevant area of business into a highly relevant status within a B2B company in a very traditional industry.

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About Lassila & Tikanoja

Lassila & Tikanoja is a service company that cooperates with its customers to transform our consumer society into an efficient recycling society.

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