Pohjolan Liikenne Travel Ticket Sales

Pohjolan Liikenne

Working with Columbia Road has been an absolute pleasure. Their team is reliable, skilled and fun. We have achieved great results with the new mobile ticket and I’m very excited about the next steps we’re going to take together. Ilona Pirhonen, eCommerce Manager, Pohjolan Liikenne


Pohjolan Liikenne was looking for solutions which would enable them make faster changes to the webstore, such as campaigns, new products and routes. We set out to tackle the challenge and improve the customer experience to attain faster and firmer purchase decisions. The existing webstore was not optimised for mobile, so the first objective was to provide support for all devices. Pohjolan Liikenne also wanted to create more prominent and attractive possibilities for additional sales, such as pre-booked seating, into the sales funnel. All the development was to be built on a monolithic legacy system which generated pressure for us to introduce smart, modern interface development.

Our Approach

We set out to work with a continuous incremental development process in mind with a small team who would work closely with Pohjolan Liikenne. First, we decided to look at the customer use cases by paper prototyping crucial customer use situations. The primary target was mobile first: creating a webstore so simple and smooth that it would without exception work on small screen and mobile browsers. After achieving that would come support and the gimmicks for big screens. To ensure a smooth transition we decided to direct only a portion of the customers to the new sales funnel, which is a low risk way to continuously releasing new features into production without preventing anyone from purchasing the ticket they need.


After the new mobile optimised webstore was launched, the sales have picked up. Both customer and employees have expressed their contentment with the simplicity of the service. In addition, Pohjolan Liikenne is now able to introduce new features with more flexibility and provide a more streamlined customer experience.

About Pohjolan Liikenne

Pohjolan Liikenne is the road services division of the state-owned VR Group. It is one of the major bus and road haulage operators in Finland. Pohjolan Liikenne offers both person and cargo carrier services.

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