Scalable webstore up in one month – New D2C toy business

Columbia Road didn’t just set up a Shopify webstore but helped us in every area of digital commerce. Now we can focus on growing the business with a scalable ecommerce platform. Heidi Silvennoinen, Ecommerce Manager, Toybox Finland Oy

Key objectives

Toybox started their business in 2018 and chose Columbia Road to help them establish their first webshop. The goal of this project was to create a fully functioning webstore for Toybox’s comprehensive product catalogue covering almost one thousand products. The webshop was expected to be visual, inspirational and easy to use. In addition, Toybox wished that they could use this platform for future development and marketing needs.

Our approach

Like all our projects, we started with business goals and a vision for the webshop. In order to create an ideal purchase flow, we drafted target buyer personas with their motives and value propositions. Next, we collected all the wishes from stakeholders, prioritised those into a feasible backlog – and rolled up our sleeves.

Shopify was selected as the webshop platform because it enables a quick launch and later scaling the business with ready-made themes, apps and APIs. Shopify is also optimal for new businesses that don’t have huge resources to maintain and develop the webshop. Editing the visual look & feel, adding new functionalities and even integrations can be done without coding skills. 

The project had a tight schedule of one month. Even though we worked in different cities we were in touch with Toybox’s Ecommerce Manager almost daily. Close collaboration enabled fast development and quick iterations. Our team of experts helped Toybox in every area of digital commerce, from product information management to warehouse system integrations and user experience.


The webshop platform is in the core of Toybox’s business. We didn’t just set up yet another Shopify store but supported Toybox in establishing their new line of business. A fully functioning webstore for a wide product catalogue and even integrations to the warehouse management system were implemented in one month. As a result, Toybox can now focus on growing their business with a scalable ecommerce platform. 


  • Webstore with a wide product catalogue up and running
  • Warehouse management system integrations
  • Buyer persona analysis
  • Solution that enables Toybox to scale quickly and is easy to maintain
  • Everything done in one month

About Toybox

Toybox is a Finnish company founded in 2018. They provide a wide catalogue of high quality toys with fast delivery and great customer experience.

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