Setting the retail ecommerce vision


Columbia Road helped us to clarify our current state in digital business and take the next concrete steps forward. We identified the most important next steps from the customer perspective, which gave us the necessary background to start planning and assigning different roles for our digital channels. Heikki Tynjälä, CEO, Minimani

Key objective

Minimani had previously built technological capabilities to start digital commerce operations. They had recognised that retail customers’ expectations for digital services were constantly increasing. There was a need to clarify and prioritise the business goals for digital commerce.

The key objective was to set these priorities and create a common vision for what kind of digital commerce could be pursued, and how to start the journey.

Our approach

The vision work included setting up digital commerce business goals, clarifying the key customer personas and mapping customer journeys for future digital commerce customers.

This exploratory work enabled us to recognise the most important items and identify “low hanging fruits” as the next steps to grow digital commerce and marketing capabilities.


Together with Minimani, we worked to create a shared vision of their digital commerce and a concrete roadmap of the next steps to take. The project’s outcomes included an analysis of the current state of Minimani’s digital customer journey and digital commerce capabilities, the most important customer personas and a roadmap for the next steps. The current state analysis recognised bottlenecks and opportunities in the customer journey.

✓ Organisation-wide vision for digital commerce
✓ Holistic approach, including business, customer, commerce, marketing and analytics insights
✓ Clear next steps for developing technical capabilities

About Minimani

Minimani is a Finnish retail company with several hypermarkets.

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