Webstore for a fashion house

Onar Studios

It’s amazing how effortless the process of getting a store up and running was. In just a few weeks, we came from drafting buyer personas to having a fully functioning webstore. Alexandros Kostas, Co-Founder, Onar Studios

Key objectives

Together with Onar Studios we built a new webstore that reflects their bold and unique identity. With Onar being an internationally recognized fashion house, the webstore had to be visually capturing and quirky, while also providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Our approach

We knew from the very beginning that to successfully complete the project it should be organized in a tight collaboration between us and Onar. We started out by creating buyer personas to whom the store should speak to. After that, we walked through the customer journey from a fashion bystander to an Onar advocate and mapped out the pain points and needs that the webstore should answer to. In just a few weeks, we arrived from creating the initial buyer personas to having a functioning and shoppable webstore.

One of the key premises in this project was that the person in charge of the store should be able to modify the store’s appearance and functionality—just like in brick and mortar business. Therefore, Shopify was selected as the webstore platform. By using Shopify we could ensure that in this kind of seasonal business, such as fashion, Onar is able to adapt their site’s appearance to match the look of their new collections quickly, without turning to an external team of developers or IT support for help.


Onar Studios used to be tied to their generic ecommerce platform, which does help brands bootstrap their sales, but limits the functionality and visual look of the store considerably. By setting up a Shopify webstore, Onar is now able to make quick changes to the appearance of their site and use many of the go-to ecommerce tools such as Mailchimp or Google Analytics, that can be integrated to the webstore with just one click. On top of this, Onar Studios is now easily able to sell worldwide without problems. Onar's staff is now in charge of their webstore, as they should be.

About Onar Studios

ONAR is a high-end fashion label providing contemporary design with luxurious materials.


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