Building digital growth: Digital sales in a hybrid world

Free 1-hour webinar

9.3.2022, Wednesday

13:00 - 14:00 CET (Sweden)

14:00 - 15:00 EET (Finland)

The future of work is hybrid - also in digital sales! 


Our lives went from physical to digital overnight, which has caused both positive impact in the form of efficiency but negative consequences for team spirit and coherence.

The key question for all digital sales teams is this: how to keep the momentum, elevate energy and creativity and facilitate cooperation around digital sales in a hybrid working model that's here to stay? What tools, practices and frameworks can be used to smooth the path for fruitful cooperation? And most importantly: how can we build the best possible hybrid teams?

During the panel discussion, we'll hear about best practices on hybrid work with digital sales teams from Elisa's Olli Pohjanlehto, GrandVision's Milo Patiniott, Cervera's Nic Staeger and Columbia Road's Sandra Fernández. The free, 1-hour webinar will be hosted by our Managing Consultant from Columbia Road, Ilona Kuusela. 

Join us in learning how to blast silos and create ways of working that bring concrete results. 

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Ilona Kuusela

Managing Consultant, Columbia Road

Ilona has years of experience in hybrid work, team leading, public speaking, and training. She holds an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and pursued a career in digital marketing. Ilona worked formerly at Google Finland and has extensive experience in hosting digital marketing and growth hacking trainings, both live trainings and webinars. Currently, she works at Columbia Road, as a digital growth consultant and marketing technology team lead.


Olli Pohjanlehto

Head of Online Growth, Elisa

Olli joins the panel to share Elisa's learnings and best practices on hybrid work with digital sales. Currently working as the Head of Online Growth at Elisa, he is responsible for leading the online sales growth team, strategy development, and building experimentation culture within the company. Olli has over 10 years of experience in digital sales and marketing from media companies such as Dagmar, Dingle & MTV Oy.


Nic Staeger

Head of Ecommerce and Customer Service, Cervera

Nic has a solid background in e-commerce and digital sales development from companies like Apoteket Hjärtat and Ica. He has a leadership background managing small and big organisations and has spent years of his career dedicated to helping companies become digital leaders with a cross-functional approach to teams. At Cervera, Nic and his team have been able to increase online sales from 90 to 500 MSEK by focusing on customer satisfaction, price, assortment and logistics.


Milo Patiniott

Global Director Digital Marketing & Sales, GrandVision

Milo joins the panel to share best practices on hybrid work in digital sales from the global leader of optical retailing, GrandVision. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading digital marketing and sales from world-known brands, such as Heineken and Philips. 


Sandra Fernández

Senior Consultant,
Columbia Road

Sandra is a service and UX designer with more than 10 years of experience creating business-driven design solutions and content strategies. She has a strong background in media, marketing, and creative leadership from companies like and Fox Networks Group and is passionate about both data and people. Sandra works at Columbia Road as a Senior Design Consultant, focusing on achieving business goals through service design, UX methods, and continuous experimentation.

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  • How to run digital sales in a hybrid world
  • Hybrid work toolkit for collaboration
  • Olli Pohjanlehto
  • Nic Staeger
  • Milo Patiniott

The hybrid work toolkit in short

  • Why this is important for digital sales teams 
  • How to build a team
  • How to set up routines
  • How to steer teams
  • What kind of competencies are needed
  • What kinds of techniques and tools you should consider
  • Key learnings from our work with our clients

Learn how to succeed in digital sales with the hybrid world!


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