Customer Centricity at the Leading Edge of Analytics and Technology 


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September 9th, 2019 – Stockholm, Sweden 

Hosted by Dr. Peter Fader of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

With extensive research, two published books on customer centricity, and a successful exit from a customer analytics company Zodiac (acquired by Nike), Dr. Fader can be considered one of the biggest thought leaders in the area of customer analytics.

The concept of “customer centricity,“ i.e., that not all customers are created equal, is gaining credibility and traction.

Many firms – and entire industries – are coming to the realisation that understanding and leveraging the behavioural differences across customers can potentially be more sustainably profitable than the more conventional product‐centric thinking that continues to dominate today’s business landscape.

At the heart of this transformation are three critical ingredients: data, analytics, and technology.

Keynote Speakers

Sara Sjöberg, Head of Personalization & Loyalty, H&M
Sara is driving the global vision, strategy and execution of a personal & world-class customer experience across both physical and digital channels at H&M for all the group's 8 brands. She makes sure innovation, design, and tech and AI always are used in an optimal way for the customers. 
Speaker TBA
Speaker TBA
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