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Esa Tiusanen

Consultant in SEO, analytics, and SMM

"Data is useless unless you understand the culture, and vice versa. We need to see both the forest and the trees."

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Originally, Esa is a history and civics teacher - but realised quite quickly after graduation that his interests were elsewhere. During his studies he’d worked at a variety of nonprofits managing their marketing – especially social media – and thoroughly enjoyed it. Driven by a passion to learn more, Esa kept on building his own expertise.

When thinking of the next move after graduation, Esa noticed that he yearned for positions which would allow him to be more on the operative side and in direct contact with customers. Consulting in marketing seemed like the perfect fit. Kaskas media, as the only science communications agency in the Nordics, was an easy transition from academia to business. Thereafter he wanted to dive deeper into SEO, SEM, SMM and web analytics, and that’s when IUM Helsinki came in to picture.

At IUM Esa realised he wanted to orient even more towards the cooperative aspect of work and wanted to have day-to-day discourse with clients. Soon enough, he found himself at an interview and instantly felt at home with the Roadies. The business concept and model were the final touches that sealed the deal.

Esa is a jack of all trades, but a master in his core skill - digital marketing. He’s got a mind for strategy and the ability to digest and analyse large amounts of data, thanks to his education. One of Esa’s strong points is that he’s great at combining quantitative data with quality content and from that lead strategic actions.

Outside office hours Esa is a basketball guy from head to toes - it’s a passion he tries to carry out at least three times a week. On the other side of the spectrum, he really loves US politics – it’s almost like reality TV! He’s a member of board at Helsingin Vihreät Society, so maybe the interest in politics applies more generally as well. He points out that politics have taught him to understand different views and how to put yourself in the shoes of another person – a skill very handy for mapping buyer personas and customer journeys.

My Projects

  • Omnichannel customer experience for a new product launch - case Orion Pharma

    Orion Pharma

  • Online Sales Growth Hacking - case Lassila & Tikanoja

    Lassila & Tikanoja

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