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Ilkka Rämö

Principal Consultant

"Doing before understanding is like measuring without metrics. It's not the means but the end. How comes before Why only in the alphabet."

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The Finnish market does not have many e-commerce veterans, but Ilkka Rämö is one of the very few. Ilkka is a business-oriented mastermind known for his work at Fruugo, F-Secure, Futurice, and Elisa. Most recently, Ilkka was in charge of building the fashion retail brand Stylewhile, a Reaktor Ventures company.

At Columbia Road Ilkka in charge of technology and recruitment.

Ilkka is very excited about the opportunity to help other companies find new growth in digital channels after a few ecommerce ventures. He has the ability to catch any business problem, no matter how hard, and he's a huge favorite among our clients - he's such a nice guy!

During his free time, Ilkka is a father, a well known karaoke-star, and the world’s best ultimate player with dozens of medals from national and international tournaments. 

My Projects

  • Designing and building a B2B mobile ordering system with microservices - case Servaali


  • Building a B2B webshop MVP from scratch with agile methods - case Finn-ID


  • Online Sales Growth Hacking - case Lassila & Tikanoja

    Lassila & Tikanoja