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Jalita Aspelin

Managing Consultant, UX & UI

“There’s the whole Buddhist thing about the essence of a bowl being its emptiness — that’s why it’s useful. Its emptiness allows it to hold something. I guess that means that design must talk about something else. If you make design about design, you’re just stacking bowls, and that’s not what bowls are for.” – Frank Chimero

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A self-made designer, project management guru and a yoga teacher, Jalita Aspelin is many things.

Right after finishing basic education Jalita left her native Sweden and has since lived in Italy, UK, France, Japan, China and Thailand. She has a Master’s degree from ESCP business school in Paris, during which she gained two years of work experience in digital marketing - a path she has stayed on since.

After graduation, Jalita moved to London to work in the creative field. She’s worked as a project manager in design, UX and media agencies such as Pixel Group, Other Media and Sapient/Razorfish with clients like Paul Smith, Jamie Oliver and O2. After years in an agency setting, Jalita decided to focus more on design and started freelancing with branding, visual design, UX and website design.

5 years in London and off to Asia she went. Jalita moved to Shanghai and started a job in a PR and communications agency for a pharmaceutical product company and their US and Spanish markets. Later she joined another project, a startup for a US franchise where she set up the office in Shanghai with all that comes along: IT, corporate learning, hiring people, finding an office, training the staff etc. Three years later Jalita decided to do a yoga teacher training course in Bali to learn new skills and think about what to do next. It turned out to be Columbia Road.

She sees ecommerce as a growing and promising market, and a field where she can use her skills to create a holistic understanding of a business problem + design + development in digital commerce projects. 

She’s worked with international ecommerce companies with a very wide range of projects. What’s also great is that she’s worked with agile and design thinking methods and can take those tools into ecommerce. And her design skills are none short from amazing.

Outside of work, Jalita practices Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week. She loves to cook Thai food she’s learned from her mother and twist it up with some Japanese and Italian. You can also spot her on a bicycle just rolling around the town or on the tango dance floor.

My Projects

  • Designing and building a B2B mobile ordering system with microservices - case Servaali


  • Building a modern consumer webshop - case Kekkilä


  • Building Agile Omnichannel Commerce - case Anton & Anton

    Anton & Anton

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