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Lauri Eurén

Consultant, Growth

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If you’re a 20-year-old and you can’t find a shirt you like, what would you do? Some might look online, some might have a shirt custom made, some might just buy something close enough. Well, some might set up a company to make that perfect shirt. Like Lauri Eurén and his friend did.

Lauri is a student of information technology at Aalto University. He’s worked in various development jobs alongside the studies, but the most remarkable venture Lauri has embarked on is Lean Garments, a vertically integrated men’s clothing brand providing the key pieces of wardrobe essentials with reasonable prices.

The idea for an ecommerce business came to Lauri and his co-founder a few years ago when they got interested in how to run a business – marketing, product development and everything else that goes with it. The moment that kicked off Lean Garments was when the two founders we’re unable to find a nice, good quality button down shirt with a fair price tag. So they decided to do it themselves.

“I’m so excited about working at Columbia Road as is supports my own business 100% and vice versa. I truly believe in ecommerce and there’s so much to do in Finland! This company has a lot of interesting client work and space for me to grow professionally in both business consulting and as a developer. I want work with constantly changing challenges and get my hands dirty whilst doing it,” says Lauri.

“What makes Lauri a great consultant for ecommerce is that he’s done it all, he knows all the painpoints, the customers’ frustrations, the hurdles with manufacturing and logistics - he has the business knowledge at the very core. And he’s build Lean Garments with lean methods. There’s no greater asset than that. In addition to being a very talented web developer, of course,” says Sampo Hämäläinen, Managing Partner at Columbia Road.

Outside of work Lauri loves to do sports, is a film fanatic and enjoys good music. He’s looking forward to spending time at their summer house, and travels when ever possible.

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