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Roope Merikukka

Consultant, Technology

We believe that technology is a tool which we need to master, but the actual business impact of the service is the first thing we want to understand.

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Roope is a solution-oriented professional who concentrates on the important points while keeping the needs of the client in mind. UI/UX problems are his expertise, but working for four years in a designer-led agency has also taught him to look at things from a design perspective. He is an easily approachable people person, and understands what benefits the client, thus keeping the tech jargon to the minimum.

Roope's interest in websites and the technology behind started already in high school when he created websites as a hobby and took his first computer science courses. He has achieved recognition by winning a Silver Prize in Vuoden Huiput competition in the Young Creatives category for a freelance project for Bond Creative Agency, and receiving an Honorable mention in Grand One competition. In an early stage of his career he gained a lot of responsibility as a developer, and has worked on numerous WordPress and React based projects.

Outside of work Roope enjoys reading, running and taking walks with his spouse to discover new places. His obsession with tracking measurable results has also led him to get into self-care measuring.

My Projects

  • Designing and building full stack ecommerce to scale sales globally - case Oura