Toni Laitila is a razor-sharp consulting promise from Aalto University. Toni is known for his work at Slush, Metso, and Sievo—as well as his A-level grades.

Toni Laitila's main responsibility at Columbia Road is Growth Consulting. He works with big Finnish corporations as well as the hottest startups, such as the collaborative economy startup Sharetribe. For Toni it’s rewarding to guide the customers in areas they need the most help with regarding digital commerce. He has the ability to grasp new business problems in complex business contexts and talent to proide sustainable solutions. 

During his free time, Toni runs and goes to the gym, reads non-fiction novels and binge-watches Better Call Saul and The Office. Toni’s interest in Dunder Mifflin’s business might also be the reason why he is so good at transforming paper-based businesses into digital ones with Schrute-like dedication and passion.

My Projects

  • Designing and building full stack ecommerce to scale sales globally - case Oura


  • Creating Impact With Customer Journey Mapping - case YIT


My Blog Posts

Why optimising individual touchpoints is a failing strategy?

Toni Laitila