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Tuuli Tiilikainen


"I seldom end up where I wanted to go but almost always end up where I need to be."

Douglas Adams

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A shipmaster by trade and a free spirit by heart, Tuuli Tiilikainen is a fresh breeze of air. She’s a hard-working soul with a calm but determined demeanor, a true support pillar in any team.

Tuuli’s education comes from Haaga-Helia’s business and information technology program, where she has studied software development, which has enabled Tuuli to nurture her interest in human-computer interaction from a user-experience angle. Her research helps companies understand what the next generations will expect from UX and what kind of services young adults (18-25) crave.

Tuuli has a strong business mindset and understanding, but on a very humane level. She drives projects towards the business goals with the end-user in mind.

On her free time Tuuli loves to travel. Especially Latin America is close to her heart - no wonder she speaks fluent Spanish. She’s also very much a sea person; every summer she drives passenger vessels between the Helsinki islands and sails the archipelago. Her favorite pastime is to read and her ultimate book lover’s dream is the Hiltunen second-hand bookshop located in Helsinki harbor.

My Projects

  • Travel Ticket Sales - case Pohjolan Liikenne

    Pohjolan Liikenne