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Ville Sillanpää

Consultant, marketing technology & SMM

“I want everything to happen fast.” – Little My from Moomin

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Ville’s been taught by the brightest minds Finland can offer when it comes to marketing. He sports a Master’s degree in marketing from Aalto Business School and ventured abroad during his studies, first to Bangkok and then to Lisbon.

During his studies Ville first worked at a Stadium sports store doing sales and customer support for their webstore, and then moved into the country office for customer support for ecommerce in Finland – which actually was his first touchpoint in digital sales. Next, Ville went to a SaaS company called Recright, where he was a technical customer service agent with one foot deep in marketing and online sales (inbound & omnichannel sales).

At this time Ville recognised for the first time the things he was doing as growth hacking – even though no one talked about it as such. After graduation he joined marketing agency Dingle as a digital media planner doing media planning, digital marketing, analytics, SMM, and SEM.

Ville says he has always considered himself as both technology and business oriented and Columbia Road seemed like a perfect match for those specs. He has the required skills in SMM, SEM, inbound marketing and marketing automation, but also a mindset that makes him question both his own and our clients’ processes. He’s totally against doing things as they’ve always been done. He preaches about the holy trinity of doing, testing and learning – and lives by it.

On his free time Ville is all about sports! He used to play football on a national level along with some floorball and ice hockey. Nowadays he is more into adventure sports such as surfing, off-piste skiing, trekking and motorcycling. “I’m 100% sure that challenging the status quo runs in my blood. Trying out new things, be it in marketing or sports, never ceases to attract me,” Ville says.