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Book launch: The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT

– free webinar with expert keynotes

26.3.2021, Friday

10:00 - 11:00 CET (Stockholm timezone)

11:00 - 12:00 EET (Helsinki timezone)

As revenue keeps moving to digital, it’s clear that IT needs to work closely together with sales – IT is an essential enabler for sales and revenue. Sharing a common understanding of the buyer journey between functions allows IT to choose and combine technology solutions more efficiently to create concrete sales impact.

The Handbook, as well as this webinar, is a crystallisation of the key themes leaders in IT need to understand in 2021 to push their digital-enabled sales forward. Join the webinar to hear the highlights of what the process of producing the handbook revealed to us, as well as keynotes from experts David Blomquist (Stora Enso) and Rod Kilgour (Tiger of Sweden), also interviewed for the handbook.
All registrants will receive a digital copy of The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT after the webinar.
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10:00 - 11:00 CET



Rory How
Managed Services Lead – Columbia Road

KEYNOTE: Business-driven IT

Rod Kilgour
CIO – Tiger of Sweden

KEYNOTE: Data-driven and agile IT in large corporations

David Blomquist
Head of Digitalisation, Wood Products Stora Enso



Key themes

  • Sales, revenue and target focused ways of operating and working for IT
  • Constructing a resilient architecture of systems that support different types of digital sales
  • Digital sales is not just a webshop – it’s optimising and commercialising the whole digital customer journey

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Keynote speakers

Rod Kilgour
Chief Information Officer – Tiger of Sweden


Rod has extensive experience working in the critical, challenging area between IT and business. He understands the value of putting the needs of the business and customers first. In fact, he was working closely together with sales while as IT Development Manager already in the mid-1990s.  

As the current CIO and part of the Management Team at Tiger of Sweden, Rod is heading a skilled IT team delivering business value to the premium fashion brand.

David Blomquist
David Blomquist
Head of Digitalisation, Wood ProductsStora Enso


As Head of Digitalisation at Stora Enso David is heading the strategic alignment, execution and enablement of digital business and digitalisation. He has a great passion for strategic change management, alignment of business operations and IT.


With 20 years of experience in advancing business by digitalisation he’s well versed in bridging the gap between IT and sales.

Rory How
Managed Services Lead – Columbia Road


Rory overlooks Columbia Road’s Care and managed services offering globally, helping clients build future-proof services. He is a business-driven technical consultant with a passion for distributed systems, site reliability engineering and prioritising sales impact.


With years of experience in hands-on development work and technical consulting, Rory also drives knowledge sharing, technical excellence and DevOps culture within Columbia Road, working within project teams to root in the culture of building digital services that allow for rapid iterations, stable technical processes and optimal performance.

What is the handbook about?

Digital sales is more important for companies than ever before, and IT is a key enabler. We set out to produce this handbook in order to have a comprehensive view of how a company's IT can take the driver's seat in maximising the company's digital sales, or to support traditional sales with digital means. The business focus in IT is nothing new, but what is required today is actually to drive sales.


Some of the handbook themes:

  • Sales focus in IT
  • Shared targets, road mapping and collaboration models between functions
  • Enabling fast decision making
  • Coherent data in all channels
  • Full-cycle DevOps
  • Custom or out-of-the-box solutions, or something in between
  • Rapid experimentation while maintaining control 
  • Leading through the customer journey / cross-functional sales funnel
  • Enabling successful digital sales in the long-term
  • Getting "shit" done in the short-term


Discover key themes for driving sales with IT


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