Free webinar

– for students in the fields of technology, design, marketing technology and sales

28.10.2020, Wednesday

16:00 - 17:30 EET (Europe - Helsinki)
15:00 - 16:30 CET (Europe - Stockholm)


Digital business has taken an enormous leap during the past year. How has this affected companies? What kinds of skills are they now looking to hire? What should you as a student focus on, in order to become the kind of professional companies are dying to get?


Columbia Road conducted a study on how COVID-19 has affected companies from different industries, and what company leaders think to be the most important things to focus on in the upcoming years. In this webinar, you'll hear our most important takeaways from the study, as well as how this affects your career.


You'll have a chance to discuss and ask your own questions from our consultants in technology, design, marketing technology and sales respectively in your own preferred break-out session.


Get to know the future of digital business and what it means for your career together with us at Columbia Road.


Join Digital business in the future webinar



Introduction - About Columbia Road

Digital business & your career
- Key points from our study
- What kind of skills leaders value right now


Career groups
- Join a break-out session for your field of study and ask career-related questions from our consultants.

Key themes

  • The future of digital business, post-COVID-19 study with leader insights
  • Skills companies are looking for in professionals
  • Career advice from experts in your field

Why Columbia Road?


Why Columbia Road


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