Digital Sales & Marketing 2.0

A win-back and efficiency response to the current market

26.5.2020, Tuesday

09:00 - 10:30 CEST (Sweden)
10:00 -  11:30 EEST (Finland)


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 Key themes

  • Digital sales and marketing for efficiency
  • Adapting to the current situation
  • Win-back strategy for after the pandemic 
  • Roadmap for the future

In this webinar we zoom in on how to adapt your digital sales and marketing to future-proof your business during and after COVID-19.



Time: 09:00 - 10:30 CEST (Swedish timezone)

09:00 Introduction

09:05 Expert insights – Panel discussion

Lotta Bourgoin
Head of Digital Wealth & Savings Hub, Nordea

Sebastian Aniszewski
Business Director, Lassila & Tikanoja

Amanda Kailio
Product Owner, VR Group

Sanna Aalto
Head of Customer Service, VR Group

09:40 Panel Q&A

09:50 Presentation of the survey results & discussion

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About the survey

During April-May 2020 we're conducting a survey to gain insight into how companies in the Nordics have been affected by and how they have adapted to the changes caused by the current crisis.

In this webinar we will share the results on how companies in different industries have acted to cope and refocus to secure success even after COVID-19 with answers to questions like:

  • How has your digital sales and/or ecommerce been affected by the current market situation?
  • What kind of efficiency gains do you see possible to achieve from digital sales and marketing?
  • What changes are expected from your company's digital sales and marketing in the future?

Industry experts


Experts from different industries share their learnings on how they have tackled hurdles in the current situation, and what kind of strategies they are considering for the future. The discussion will focus on case stories and approaches for future success. 

Amanda Kailio
Product Owner
– VR Group


With vast experience in lean service creation and developing ecommerce and marketing related software solutions, Amanda is now responsible for leading the development work in VR’s Digital Passenger Service Channels, including the new VR Matkalla app,, CRM and Customer identity services.


Amanda is a diginative who has worked in start-ups, B2B corporations, and global companies.


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Sebastian Aniszewski
Business Director

Environmental Services, New Service Accelerator

– Lassila & Tikanoja


Solution oriented and forward looking, Sebastian is an innovative leader, not afraid of taking risks. He approaches challenges with a "nothing is impossible" mentality. Sebastian fully trusts and believes in his team members, who also share his attitude. 


At L&T, Sebastian acts as a growth leader with a commercial mindset. He has the P/L responsibility of growth businesses within Environmental Services.


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Lotta Bourgoin
Head of Digital Wealth & Savings Hub
– Nordea


Being the Head of Digital Wealth, Lotta is responsible for digital savings, investment and pension business. In other words, Lotta is in charge of developing the digital savings offerings and leveraging Nordea’s digital channels for savings distribution and customer relations.


Prior to joining Nordea, Lotta spent +10 years in Capital Markets in London; holding senior positions at Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Credit Suisse. Lotta holds an MBA from INSEAD and MSc from London School of Economics.


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Sanna Aalto
Head of Customer Service

– VR Group


Sanna is in charge of VR Group's customer service unit and its operations – both B2C and B2B. She's responsible for developing customer service through all potential technologies and systems, in all of the different areas of B2B and B2C customer service.


Managing various businesses' customer service units over the span of 20 years, Sanna has become a true veteran in her area of expertise.


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The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook

All guests will receive a free copy of our handbook.

The handbook crystallises how the adaptation of digitalisation will change the way that companies do sales in the future. 

The book contains interviews with industry experts such as Marta Dalton, the eCommerce Director for Unilever and previously Coca-Cola, Antti Kleemola, the CDO of Finnish Railways, and Risto Siilasmaa, the Founder of F-Secure.