Webinar: Overcome unconscious bias in digital service development

– a free webinar about diversity to celebrate Pride

29.6.2021, Tuesday

16:00 - 17:00 EEST (Finland)

Learning and recognising our unconscious biases is an important step towards building more inclusive digital products and services, such as ecommerce sites or other digital sales solutions. Unconscious biases affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in our everyday lives at work. At its worst, bias can e.g. prevent us from making objective decisions and lead to favouritism and prejudice.


Join the webinar to learn how you as a digital product or service developer and designer can contribute towards a more diversity-friendly and inclusive digital environment with your work!


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16:00-17:00 EEST (FINLAND)
  • Science behind
  • Effect of biases
  • Recognising biases
  • Mitigating biases

Key themes

  • The science and theory behind unconscious bias
  • The effect of biases in an organisation’s digital service development perspective
  • Understanding different forms of bias and how they can be recognised
  • Tools and best practices to help mitigate bias in digital service development

Learn to develop digital services for everyone


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