Sales Development 101

Sales development webinar for corporate leaders who want to scale & automate their sales processes

Learn how to increase your sales team's efficiency and how to build scalable automated sales processes. 

Date: 10th of June 2021
Time Sweden: 9:00-10:00 (CEST)
Time Finland: 10:00-11:00 (EEST)


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Utilising a sales development function is a best-practice for modern sales processes that especially all B2B companies should follow. Sales development works as the bridge between sales and marketing, enabling efficient cross-collaboration. It’s valuable work that makes the process of converting leads into clients more organised and goal-oriented. It is a game-changer for efficiency and relationship-building.
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"Excellent trainers and quality material, well organised! Important for almost every company/person close to sales & marketing."
Maria Mankinen, Huawei Technologies

”You learn a lot in a short time” 
Sofia Söderberg, Nordic Retail Group

“Vibrant discussion and interaction. Good instructors."
Nan Yu, Asia, Visit Karelia


Details of the webinar


This webinar is for you if: 

  • Your sales have relied on field sales and F2F time
  • You are looking for more efficient ways of working for your sales teams
  • Your goal is to digitalise, automate, and scale your sales processes

You will walk out of the webinar with an understanding of: 

  • Trust-based sales development methodology: why sales development is a very effective way of running modern, personalised sales cycles which bring the benefit of scale
  • How to do sales development: you’ll hear lots of case examples
  • How to start with sales development, with your current team or by adding sales development representatives to the mix
  • How to bring efficiency, automation, and scalability to sales without losing the most important part of sales: trust
  • Concrete next steps to get started


  • Introduction of sales development 
  • Trust-based approach
  • Sales development processes
  • Benefits of sales development: pain points & opportunities in sales & marketing
  • Organisational perspective: unified marketing & sales team
  • Practicalities of setting up a sales dev team 
  • Next actionable steps: how you can get started



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More information about the webinar:


Katarina Naumanen
+358 50 490 2873

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