Increasing customer loyalty with impact-driven and growth-hacking minded marketing automation

During the couple years of collaboration, Columbia Road has impressed us with their tech capabilities – while the main focus has always been on solving business challenges! They have helped us to take a big leap forward with marketing automation. And they are truly nice people to work with! Juha Lehtola, Customer Communicator, Fortum

Key objectives

Columbia Road has helped Fortum Consumer Solutions to implement and integrate a marketing automation system that set a base for customer satisfaction and loyalty growth. A growth-oriented way of working and the “test-and-improve” mindset has been at the heart of cooperation in all actions.

Columbia Road’s mission was to help ramp up the HubSpot marketing automation tool hands-on with necessary integrations to have a solid base for success. Columbia Road also supported Fortum with implementing and continuously improving and optimising customer nurturing campaigns.

Our approach

The initial starting place for the cooperation with Fortum was designing and implementing the integration between HubSpot and Fortum’s CRM. Together with IT and Customer Communications our team defined use cases, the needed data and integration requirements based on business requirements.

After the technical set-up was in place, Fortum’s Customer Communications team started building the first nurturing campaigns in Hubspot with good results. By shifting the mindset towards first testing and optimising, and then automating proven successful customer dialogues, the team was able to create significant business impact. Achieving successful results has required embracing the growth mindset, a great deal of piloting and experimenting with A/B testing, as well as increasing the amount of customer dialogue.


The tight teamwork between Fortum and Columbia Road has continued for several years now, and Columbia Road has provided Fortum with good support and guidance in increasing loyalty and customer satisfaction.

One of the key contributors to success has been the willingness of Fortum people to work closely together with people from Columbia Road and to experiment with things open-mindedly, while Columbia Road’s experts have continued to help in developing the marketing automation capabilities.

Together with Fortum, Columbia Road has also helped Fortum increase the loyalty program’s member base by carrying out systematic growth activities across all customer communication channels.

About Fortum

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