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Start mapping your customers' buyer personas with this easy-to-use template.

Why to map buyer personas?

Personas have a crucial role to play in the increasingly important discipline of customer journey mapping. Personas and journey maps together help shift companies’ focus from inside-out to outside-in. Personas describe in detail who your key customers are and why they feel the ways they do.

Personas are the starting point for a successful customer journey map. A customer journey explains what happens along the way, to whom, and how it happens – which is why you need to know who is embarking on the journey. 

The Buyer Persona Canvas helps you to focus your efforts on your key customer groups

  • Map your focus groups with a wider scope
  • Explore your value proposition against your customers’ needs and how your offering is perceived by your focus group
  • Map the influencers and stakeholders affecting the buyer
  • Figure out your purchase process and how the buyer perceives it
  • Find out a buyer’s critical information needs
  • Map the key channels and touchpoints in your buyer’s journey

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