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Our books are industry almanacs!

Since the beginning, we have published a book each year to really dive deep into essential digital commerce topics. 


Everyone's favourite digital commerce ebooks

The Data Handbook

This handbook is a collection of interviews and articles aiming to answer the question of how data can be utilised to enhance the customer journey and improve business outcomes in digital commerce.

Thought leader interviews include Dr Peter Fader, Minna Vakkilainen from Kesko and Erik Zetterberg from Singular Society among many others.

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The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT

This book is a crystallisation of the key themes leaders in IT need to understand to push their digital-enabled sales forward. Sharing a common understanding of the buyer journey between functions allows IT to choose and combine technology solutions more efficiently to create concrete sales impact.

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The Digital Sales Transformation Handbook

Sales are going through a massive transformation. In this book we discuss how that change will affect companies on organisational and structural level, what it means for customer experience, how ways-of-working and culture needs to adapt, and what future technologies need to be considered, amongst other key themes.

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The Growth Hacker's Handbook

This book was written to get inspired by the things that can be achieved with fast release and test cycles, data-driven digital marketing and agile business development. It’s a collection of hands-on articles on growth hacking with focus on how to achieve digital growth, how to plan and prepare for growth hacking activites and growth hacking in action.

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"If I’d have to choose just one hot topic in the field of digital commerce it would, without doubt, be data."


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But what about data? That’s the challenge. Many companies and experts in the field have individual points-of-views about better data utilisation. For a business leader, it can be difficult to form an overall understanding of what are the questions they should ask and the decisions they should make. The topic of data is simply too broad. In the end, data encompasses everything within a company’s business.

We have tried to make it slightly easier for you. We have talked with academics, thought leaders, data companies, major retailers and disruptive brands to drill into the topic of data from both strategic and practical perspectives. In addition, our consultants share their learnings from working with data in the digital commerce setting.

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You'll find that working with us is like working with no other company.

We work hands-on in cross-functional teams, who take ownership of your business goals. Data is in our DNA and we always deliver results

We are about impact. 

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Always measurable results

Digital sales should be all about impact: growth in conversions, growth in customers, growth in revenue. We want to deliver value to our clients right from the beginning.



Our approach is always based on putting together a cross-functional team that can work on all aspect of digital commerce. Teams of developers, designers, martech and data consultants work on the entire customer journey testing, optimising, and delivering concrete results.



Not only do we have the competencies to guide you in your digital commerce strategy, tool selection, architecture mapping and other high-level decisions but we are focused on implementing solutions and running daily sales operations.


Ownership of business goals

One of the areas we get most praise from is taking real ownership of our clients' goals and treating them like our own. When you work with us, we are 100% committed to your needs, targets, and desired outcomes.


Data in our DNA

We believe data should be the foundation all digital commerce activities are based on. Having the right kind of data, having enough of data, and knowing how to utilise data are the principles we live by. It's ok if you don't have everything in place yet, we can help you get there.

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