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Change the way you do digital sales and marketing to gain speed and higher revenues.

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Our live events are a chance to get inspired and find insights into the current world of digital commerce. Join us to hear from leading experts and to have insightful conversations with our networks.

Digital Commerce Forum 2023

Live event | November 2nd | 12.00–17.00 (EET)

Join the exclusive live event that brings together the top commercial leaders to discuss personalisation Hear the personalisation success stories from leading retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Lyko, as well as iconic brands such as Marimekko, Deliveroo and Nordea.

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On-demand webinars

Watch our sold-out events

In our popular webinars we tackle blooming topics around digital commerce and marketing. We invite industry leaders to discuss, share insights and tangible learnings, and broadcast those for you to enjoy!

Growing ecommerce with better personalisation

On-demand webinar

Watch our webinar and make next-level personalisation a reality for your ecommerce. In the webinar, we present a systematic approach for leveraging personalisation opportunities across the entire sales funnel. You’ll also hear real-life success stories of well-executed personalisation.

Duration: 45 min


RECORDING: Next level of ecommerce conversions

In our next webinar we share, how to avoid stagnating results and keep scaling the impact with next-level conversion rate optimisation, year after year.

Duration: 30 min


Recording: Digital sales in a cookieless world

In this webinar we explore the future opportunities in reaching the right customers – even without 3rd party cookies.

With restricted access to third-party data, businesses need to adapt and find new ways to target the right customers. Yet, there are fantastic opportunities that lie in collecting, processing and activating first-party data.

Duration: 40 min


Recording: Turn data into revenue

In this webinar, we introduce the Data Handbook and share what we've learned from our work with more than a hundred companies in Europe.

The recording also includes a thought-provoking panel discussion with international thought leaders such as Kesko's Minna Vakkilainen, Theta's Daniel McCarthy and Supermetrics' Vishnu Sahoo, who were also interviewed for the book.

Duration: 1 hr


Recording: Digital Sales trend report 

During this recording, we will discuss the Digital Sales 2025 trend report's most interesting trends and take a look at some of the industry-changing case stories from companies such as Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, Walgreens and Budbee.

Get to know the key trends shaping sales across the digital customer journey.

Duration: 35 min


Recording: Digital sales in a hybrid world

The key question for all digital sales teams is this: how to keep the momentum, elevate energy and creativity and facilitate cooperation around digital sales in a hybrid working model that's here to stay?

Watch the panel discussion, where you'll hear about best practices on hybrid work in digital sales teams from Elisa's Olli Pohjanlehto, Cervera's Nic Staeger, GrandVision's Milo Patiniott, and Columbia Road's Sandra Fernández.

Duration: 1 hr

Useful insights and theories for a large organisation moving towards digital!

Fatemeh Mahmoudi, Volvo


Supercharge your digital sales


Digitalisation is increasingly transforming traditional sales in the manufacturing industry.

In our white paper, we explore possibilities with digitalisation in the manufacturing industry based on conversations we’ve had with industry experts.

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Customer journey map


Start mapping your customers' journey with this easy-to-use template on Miro. By using this template you'll get a six-step guided example of one customer journey and an empty template for you to fill in with your business' customer journey.

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Digital commerce canvas


With this template, you get a thoroughly holistic yet lightweight start for analysing, planning or redesigning your digital sales and customer acquisition. You'll be able to map current challenges, set target state for digital commerce, do opportunity analysis, and more!

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Buyer persona canvas


Use this buyer persona template to map your business' buyer persona profiles. Personas describe in detail who your key customers are and why they feel the way they do. Buyer personas have a crucial role in the increasingly important discipline of customer journey mapping.

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Hybrid sales toolkit


This toolkit for digital sales teams allows you and your teams have those essential discussions on how to work in this new hybrid world and make the most out of it.

The interactive toolkit with playing cards is hosted on Miroverse from where you can freely copy & use it either online or by printing out the cards. The toolkit comes with a user guide and a collection of suggestions and learnings.

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Deep dive into any digital sales topic

Throughout the years we have written books on emerging and key topics within digital commerce. From the books you'll find interviews with industry leaders, deep-dive articles into specific topics, and thought leadership pieces and predictions on future digital sales themes. 

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