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It's our pleasure to host events that bring people together – live and online!

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Upcoming events

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Our events are a chance to get inspired and find insights into the current world of digital commerce. Join us to hear from leading experts and to have insightful conversations with our networks.

Live events

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Our live events gather industry professionals across the Nordics to share insights and learnings. Check our upcoming events below!

Growth crash course 

Live | Stockholm

Join us for an inspiring morning event hosted in partnership with Salesforce on March 20th in Stockholm. In the course you will learn hands-on practices to apply throughout the customer journey to improve customer experiences and generate growth.

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On-demand webinars

Watch our sold-out events

In our popular webinars we tackle blooming topics around digital commerce and marketing. We invite industry leaders to discuss, share insights and tangible learnings, and broadcast those for you to enjoy!

Digital Commerce Forum

On-demand | watch 6 presentations

The Digital Commerce Forum brought together 200 leaders in digital sales. You can now revisit all presentations by watching the recordings. Learn more about the future of digital sales from Marks & Spencer, Lyko, Nordea, Deliveroo, Aiven and Columbia Raod.

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Growing ecommerce with better personalisation

ON-demand webinar

Join our webinar and make next-level personalisation a reality for your ecommerce. In the webinar, we present a systematic approach for leveraging personalisation opportunities across the entire sales funnel. You’ll also hear real-life success stories of well-executed personalisation.

Duration: 45 min

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Next level of ecommerce conversions

In our next webinar we share, how to avoid stagnating results and keep scaling the impact with next-level conversion rate optimisation, year after year.

Duration: 30 min

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Digital sales in a cookieless world

In this webinar we explore the future opportunities in reaching the right customers – even without 3rd party cookies.

With restricted access to third-party data, businesses need to adapt and find new ways to target the right customers. Yet, there are fantastic opportunities that lie in collecting, processing and activating first-party data.

Duration: 40 min

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Turn data into revenue

In this webinar, we introduce the Data Handbook and share what we've learned from our work with more than a hundred companies in Europe.

The recording also includes a thought-provoking panel discussion with international thought leaders such as Kesko's Minna Vakkilainen, Theta's Daniel McCarthy and Supermetrics' Vishnu Sahoo, who were also interviewed for the book.

Duration: 1 hr

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Loyalty: In it to win it in Digital Sales

In this webinar, we’re proud to have professor Peter Fader from Wharton, The University of Pennsylvania, back at Columbia Road to share his thinking on loyalty and customer lifetime value. In addition to his research, we zoom in on a practical level: what do the practitioners think?

Duration: 1 hr

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Leverage digital channels in B2B sales

This webinar is for you if you are still wondering what digital can really do for your business. Maybe you are wondering where even to start. In this webinar, we will dive into the B2B sales funnel and the different possibilities for digitalisation available.

Duration: 45 min

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What's next in Digital Retail

In this webinar, we have retail experts from companies such as Zalando elaborate on what's happening at the forefront of digital retail. You'll have a unique opportunity to hear what are the newest trends and solutions in omnichannel, the best practices for digital sales, and how forerunners are adapting to the quickly changing environment and needs of consumers.

Duration: 1 hr

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Digital Sales 2025 - trend report review

During this webinar, we discuss the Digital Sales 2025 trend report's most interesting trends and take a look at some of the industry-changing case stories from companies such as Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, Walgreens and Budbee.

Duration: 4o min

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Discover composable commerce

Dive deeper

We believe composable commerce to be one of the most interesting topic in digital sales for the upcoming years. Composable commerce refers to the IT architecture where your ecommerce is built using separate compatible pieces – according to your individual business needs, catered to serving your customers best.

Dive deeper as we explore the topic in insightful readings and downloadables.

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Read our handbooks

Our books have received wide appreciation in the industry and are staples for everyone working with digital commerce. Enjoy our deep dives into essential topics and read insights from thought leaders.

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Find digital commerce tools

We believe in openness and sharing, which is why we have decided to publish all our best tools we use with our clients. 

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