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The variety of work with our clients and the multidisciplinary nature of the teams help me to develop professionally on a daily basis. In addition to that, thanks to our community, I get to learn about many topics ranging from inclusivity to mentoring and recruitment.

Sandra Fernández, Senior Designer

Our approach

We're business-oriented designers

As a designer at Columbia Road, you get to work with a wide variety of different industries and different clients. Being a design consultant means that you have two skills sets you get to use every day: hands-on design work and consulting.


Versatile backgrounds

Designers at Columbia Road are a diverse bunch. Some of us have studied arts, others business or engineering. A handful of us have done it all. We love to help each other out when the client work takes us outside of our comfort zone.


Test and measure

One thing that unites us is the hunger for measurable business results. When we test for usability or understandability, we also look for signs of willingness to pay. When we set up UX analytics, we will also track conversions and see how metrics like average order value changes over time.


Solving business problems

We create business impact for our (usually large and well-known) clients, often visible to many consumers or companies. Seeing the impact of your work first-hand, building long partnerships, and measuring and improving services are the bread and butter for Roadies. 

Career story

Being a designer at Columbia Road

We asked some of our designers to sit down and think about what it really is like to be a designer at Columbia Road. Watch the video and see for yourself!

How we work

We always aim for immediate impact, but often we have to take a step back and ask: Who are we actually designing this for? What’s their use case, what’s their context? If we zoom out further and reframe the problem, what new opportunities become visible?

Combining the problem discovery and service design with our strategy, marketing, and technology architecture colleagues, we’re able to plan massive changes to the ways our client companies run their operations.


First we must understand why people buy from them, and appreciate the clients’ readiness to invest in uncertain futures.

Instead of just advising on what should be done, we roll up our sleeves, and work together with the clients to find the winning design. This means relentless prototyping and testing.

Shipping early versions that don't look or feel perfect, but help us get closer to the truth. Working seamlessly with our developer & martech colleagues. Demoing and championing the approach with everyone at the client organisation. Making the product and the company shine.

The business impact of design is widely respected inside Columbia Road. However, in order to prove that it really does what it’s supposed to, we must release early and often – and follow through with analytics. Test, measure, learn.

The complex business problems that Roadie designers tackle can be intimidating. But at the end of the collaboration, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting the comments like “I can’t believe we used to do this the old way” from our clients. Their customers are grateful for the smooth experience and more fluent interactions throughout the customer journey. Our painstakingly crafted and iterated design makes it effortlessly nice for them.


Prototyping and testing

In order to learn, we sometimes have to ship versions that don’t look or feel perfect, but will help us get closer to the truth. 

We know that good design earlier pays for great design later. Instead of treating the design deliverable as an end itself, we see it as a way to reach the ultimate goal: satisfying user and business needs.


Cross-functional teamwork

We work seamlessly with our developer and martech colleagues. We involve client stakeholders and teammates in the ideation, problem discovery and testing. 

All of our designers get better at what they do not only because they learn from their designer peers, but because they interact so much with the other competences.

Customer lifetime

Immediate and slower change

Immediately measurable changes in business & UX metrics feel great. However, sometimes the design consultant's major impact comes from the observation that there might be more to a customer pain or gain than is obvious on the surface.

We help our clients improve both incrementally and by creating something completely new.

Our clients

Our clients are typically large organisations and well-known, coming from different industries. Some clients are with us for years, some for a shorter time. Designers are often among the first Roadies to start working with our new clients. We adapt to different environments and use the best-fitting tools and methods to get the job done. It's not the ultimate design product or system we are after, but continuous business improvement.


Professional growth

We fully support you

In a community-led and self-directed company such as ours, the learning opportunities are abundant but also the responsibility of each individual. Limitless learning budget, endless certification options, and continuous learning through client work are facts that are all true. The real value of these opportunities is and should be defined by each Roadie in order for the learning path to support and elevate the skills of everyone in the most fruitful way. You be you.

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Learning with clients

While we offer a multitude of opportunities for learning, client work is the ultimate chance to learn the most. That is simply because most of us spend almost all of our time with clients.

We try to build projects so that they line up with consultants’ wishes for learning and development. Sometimes it's new design skills, sometimes people skills. What you learn in a project is much defined by how open you are to new adventures and opportunities to take the mental role of an apprentice.


The Roadie community

There is no question, problem, or even a passing thought that would ever go unnoticed if you voice it out. You can rely on the support of a community that goes out of its way to care for each other.

You'll have 150+ experts in software development, design and marketing technology ready at your service. In addition, we have a very strong feedback culture that creates a safe environment to push each other forward.


Checkpoints and Mentoring

Checkpoints are our way of getting feedback and planning for professional development. They are not performance reviews and are 100% up to each Roadie to plan. You can choose the person to have the checkpoint with, you can choose the topic and you can choose the method.

A set of Roadies have been educated as Mentors, who have skills and tools to hold supportive, meaningful and inspirational checkpoints. The Mentors will guide you, but you get to choose what kind of discussion is best for you.


Organised learning

We organise monthly Lessons Learned sessions that are focused on stories and learnings that have made a difference at a client. The projects are sometimes straightforward, sometimes challenging. Quick wins or long term incremental improvement. At all times, they are unique learning opportunities.

The designers at Columbia Road also organise biweekly learning sessions on current and interesting topics. The biweeklies are for sharing solutions to problems you've discovered, for helping others, for hearing about new developments in your field and sometimes to welcome speakers from other organisations and learning from them.


Get to know us, the Roadies, and Columbia Road in this culture book. We wrote it as a team, and it's about how we see, feel, and live Columbia Road's culture, values, and mission — and everyday life on the Road.

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Open positions

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We are recruiting new people at all times. Check out our data positions! You can sort the roles by competence or location, or search with a keyword.

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TitleSalesforce Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleSenior Software Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleCRM Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationTampere
TitleBackend developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleSenior Marketing Automation Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationTampere
TitleOpen Application Competence- LocationHelsinki