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Digital commerce tools you'll love

We believe in openness and sharing, which is why we have decided to publish all our best tools we use with our clients. 

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Our most beloved instruments for selling better

These are for you! We wanted to share the tools we use in our everyday life, the ones we find 100% useful and value-adding to every company working with digital commerce.

Design toolkit

Discover nine essential tools and canvases every designer needs. For the toolkit, we chose the most loved and used tools, as well as ones we often use with our clients. This selection of templates and tools allows you to streamline your design process.

Download the toolkit and access the best tools to supercharge your design.

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Digital Sales 2025 - The trend report

In this report, we look at the key trends shaping digital consumer sales across the five customer journey stages (awareness, consideration, decision, delivery & use, and loyalty & advocacy).

Not only do we introduce relevant and exciting trends, but also examples of companies such as Adidas, Walgreens, and Deutsche Bahn who have found success with these new approaches in recent years.

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Design takes on ecommerce

We audited six of the most visited ecommerces in the Nordics to see how they tackle promotions, upselling and loyalty.

Our report sheds insights on tactical wins that can be gained today by improving design.

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Personalisation Opportunity Canvas

Personalisation is a unique experience for an individual or a group of people – it's something for someone, not everything for all.

This interactive Miro canvas will help you identify opportunities for personalisation across your customer journey.

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Customer Journey Map template

Start mapping your customers' journey with this easy-to-use template on Miro. By using this template you'll get a six-step guided example of one customer journey and an empty template for you to fill in with your business' customer journey.

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Buyer Persona Template

Use this buyer persona template to map your business' buyer persona profiles. Personas describe in detail who your key customers are and why they feel the way they do. Buyer personas have a crucial role in the increasingly important discipline of customer journey mapping.

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Digital Commerce Template

With this template, you get a thoroughly holistic yet lightweight start for analysing, planning or redesigning your digital sales and customer acquisition. You'll be able to map current challenges, set target state for digital commerce, do opportunity analysis, and more!

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Digital sales strategies for manufacturing

Digitalisation is increasingly transforming traditional sales in the manufacturing industry.

In our white paper, we explore possibilities with digitalisation in the manufacturing industry based on conversations we’ve had with industry experts.

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Growth Hacking Template

Make growth opportunity ideation a continuous part of your business processes. This canvas helps you to go through all key elements that should be addressed when running a growth hacking cycle.

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Inbound Content Template

Inbound content canvas helps you to successfully build both your lead and customer base as well as nurture existing customers towards repeat and higher value purchases, and advocacy.

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Nurturing Campaign Template

Powerful customer nurturing campaigns can have a significant impact on your lead generation and sales. This canvas helps you to map out and prioritise nurturing campaign ideas successfully.

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Digital sales efficiency report

We conducted research with Nordic sales and marketing leaders from different industries to get a better understanding of how the role of digital sales and marketing has changed after the COVID-19 impact and what the future holds.

  • 12 deep-dive interviews
  • 88 digital sales and marketing decision-makers surveyed
  • omnibus survey with 1051 adults
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Hybrid Work Toolkit for Digital Sales

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This toolkit for digital sales teams allows you and your team have those essential discussions on how to work in this new hybrid world and make the most out of it.

The interactive toolkit with playing cards is hosted on Miroverse from where you can freely copy & use it either online or by printing out the cards. The toolkit comes with a user guide and a collection of suggestions and learnings.

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