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Associate Program

The Associate Program is a full-time summer job with the possibility to start working part-time already before summer. Now looking for Summer 2023 Associates!

The Associate Program is a full-time summer job with the possibility to start working part-time already before summer. You'll get to learn from a bunch of skilled professionals who don't take themselves too seriously. Master the secrets of digital commerce while having a good time with your fellow Roadies!

Open positions in Finland

We have multiple Associate Program roles open

Even though the positions might seem quite clear-cut, we’re not looking to box people into set roles. Most of us may have one (or two) deeper expertise areas, but we all are interested in the wide variety of our work. If you’re a designer interested in strategy, or a developer looking to learn more about analytics and marketing, you’ll get the chance to work towards it. Every Roadie is free to explore multiple interests within our business domain. If you’d like to learn more, look at our Culture Code.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you are interested in what happens under the hood of modern digital sales channels. You might be familiar with one or two technologies, such as JavaScript, React, Node.js or Python. In this role, you will have a top-of-the-class development team to support you in learning, and you’ll have the ability to create a real impact on our clients’ businesses.

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UX/UI Designer

As a UX/UI designer, you understand the client and their customers, prioritise use cases and features, create mockups and prototypes and test them. You are also able to work together with developers to make your designs a reality. You want your creative work to have a bigger impact than just creating the look & feel and UI of the products and services you're working on.

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Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you are excited about digital sales and interested in results-oriented marketing. You might work on client projects ranging from search engine marketing to optimising digital campaigns and marketing automation programs, setting up analytics and tagging frameworks, or crunching data.

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Sales Development Associate

In this role, you can combine your knowledge of digital sales and business development and bring that directly to the clients. You'll be helping companies reach their highest potential in digital sales. We use cutting-edge sales development practices and tools from leading Silicon Valley companies. You'll be a frontrunner in this field in Europe!

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Data Associate

As our first Data Associate, you are interested in working with data pipelines, databases, and digital sales tools. You are excited to deepen your knowledge of data environments, and you want to help our clients to realise their data needs. You might have previous data-related experience, and you know how to code. You will have the support of our data engineers and software developers, as well as our other consultants, to specialise in data engineering!

Apply to Helsinki

Application deadline

Application deadline for Finland is 27.11.2022

Start date

You can choose your start date! Some start in June, while others might kick things off already in February.

Work time

Full-time during summer. If you're interested, part-time already before summer.


After summer, if expectations have been met from both ends, you can continue part-time while you finish your studies (or full-time if you're graduating).


Looking to join the Stockholm crew?

Interested in becoming an Associate Consultant in our Stockholm office in 2023? The application period for Stockholm starts in December. Leave your email with us, and we'll remind you when the application period for Stockholm is on! 🇸🇪


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Apply now

The application period for Finland is ongoing!

Application deadline November 27th.


Recruitment process and important deadlines for Finland

We aim to select the Associates for the year 2023 by the end of December. However, sometimes the final hiring decisions can be made during the first weeks of January.

Step 1: First selections

After submitting your application, you can expect to hear from us by December 8th. The recruitment process for selected candidates consists of two phases: the video phase and the interview phase, and we’ll keep you updated on the status of your application at each stage.

Step 2: Video question

Selected candidates receive a short video clip where one of our recruiters asks you one or two questions. Please make sure to record your answers as a video clip and send it to us. The maximum length is just a few minutes, and it’s enough to use your phone to record the clip. It’s about how you answer and how you present yourself; no studio setup is necessary.

Step 3: Interview

Based on the video phase, we’ll select the best candidates for on-site interviews (remote also possible). You’ll meet two of us and discuss your past experience and skills, as well as your expectations and any questions about CR you may have. We’ll usually ask you to present one of your previous projects, especially if you’re applying for the design or development role.

About Columbia Road

Selected highlights about us as a company


The Culture Code

Get to know us, the Roadies, and Columbia Road in this culture book. We wrote it ourselves as a team, and it's about how we see, feel, and live Columbia Road's culture, values, and mission — and everyday life on the Road.

Culture Code

Learning and training

An accelerated learning curve characterises the first years of any career. To support you on this journey, we have created a purpose-built training schedule for our associates complemented by regular mentoring sessions. Most of the real learning still happens within the projects you work on, and we’re prepared to give you lots of responsibility and support from more experienced Roadies so that you can make the most of it.

Learn about professional growth

Good Impact Program

An open source and social impact program supporting free time contributions for social good. We pay 15€/hour on top of regular salary for employees’ free time contributions to societally and environmentally positive causes where they get to use their professional skills.

Learn more

The perks

See careers page

Share program and bonus

When we succeed, everyone gets award equally. We value long-term impact over quick wins, and joined effort over individual contributions. All Roadies have the possibility to become share-owners of the company.

Comprehensive health services

We offer comprehensive health and wellness services to all of our employees, including mental wellbeing and sports benefits. Depending on your location we are also able to offer dental services.

Tools of your choosing

You can freely choose your preferred laptop, phone, and other IT equipment you will be using for your work. We also provide a phone plan.

Insurance and leaves

Our insurances cover you at work and your free time. Depending on your location this also includes travel during free-time. We encourage Roadies to take parental leave and give them the ability to decide on when to use their holidays.

Paid volunteering

Good Impact Program, an open-source and social impact program sponsored by Columbia Road, allows our people to do good by contributing to initiatives that are close to their hearts and minds - and get compensated for it.

Professional growth

We have established learning programs and frameworks to support our Roadies' professional growth. In addition, every Roadie gets a credit card they can use for professional learning. Books, courses, events, certifications - whatever you need.

Smooth everyday life

We want our employees to be able to focus on what is important. That's why we have various benefits (for example commuting, healthy snacks, and breakfasts) that make our employees' everyday life easier and smoother.

And more!

Depending on your location we have more additional benefits at your perusal. Please ask more during your interviews!

The Culture Code

Get to know us, the Roadies, and Columbia Road in this culture book. We wrote it as a team, and it's about how we see, feel, and live Columbia Road's culture, values, and mission — and everyday life on the Road.

Get the book