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Your next adventure awaits you on the Road!

We are currently hiring for 14 positions in 3 locations!

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i. a treasured and talented person employed by Columbia Road that brings superior value to its clients.
“As a Roadie, she represented Columbia Road in helping one of the biggest brands in the world”


nationalities represented

Currently, we have over 20 nationalities working in the company and the official language is English. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of our essence and everyone at Columbia Road is committed to these values.


are shareholders

Every one of the 150+ employees, known as Roadies, has the opportunity to own shares of Columbia Road. 


Glassdoor rating

And 4.8/5 in Tunto, an anonymous Finnish employer rating service. The grade includes prospects, salary & benefits, colleagues & community and a safe company culture.


Our broader impact

All of our clients want business results with digital sales and marketing. With each of them we’ve built trust and earned the right to advise. It’s on us consultants to do our best to ensure that the recommended course of action is a reasonable one. 

That we have done from day one.

The world is changing and so must we: in 2022, with 150+ people on our team, we’ve added more depth to our sell better thinking. As mentioned, our clients want business results, sooner than later.

We, the Roadies, have an opportunity to help our clients reconsider how those results are achieved. How many scarce resources are spent to gain an increase in profits? Is the societal change we caused net positive? How might we use our know-how and intelligence to reduce the waste that these processes create? These are not easy questions, but we are the ones that have the power to ask them.

We promote Net Impact thinking – not as an afterthought, but as a core component. 

We want to discuss responsible, sustainable, future-proof solutions with our clients. Some of the discussions we start may be overwhelming and out-of-scope from the original consulting engagement or project.

However, in order to stay relevant today and in the future, also our clients must be able to show their commitment to a sustainable way of doing digital business. We want to be the partner with which all of our clients find a way to sell better.

And as a company, we’re on the path to becoming a certified B Corporation. 

We have such a wide variety of learning opportunities that I feel like I'll always have something new to take on. By working in the customer context I get to hone my skills in a vast variety of programming languages, technologies and frameworks. In addition, our internal learning environment is flexible, allowing me to focus on the things that matter to me.

Tuuli Tiilikainen, Senior Software Developer


Designers at Columbia Road are a diverse bunch. Some of us have studied arts, others business or engineering. A handful of us have done it all. One thing that unites us is a hunger for measurable business results.

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Our approach to being a software developer lies on the foundation of tech agnosticity, openness to learn new technologies, and being full-stack. As consultants not only do we code, but also solve business problems and are trusted advisors for clients.

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As data engineers, we often work with data from multiple sources: customer, sales and product data, web analytics data and app data, and data from digital marketing activities. Data strategy and architecture, data infrastructure, data aggregation tools are essential part of what we do.

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Marketing technology

We are full stack marketers, meaning we have an overall understanding of digital marketing and communications combined with in-depth expertise in some area of marketing technology, such as analytics, Marketing Automation, CRM, or performance marketing.

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Associate program

The Associate Program is a full-time summer job with the possibility to start working part-time already before summer. You'll get to learn from a bunch of skilled professionals who don't take themselves too seriously – learn the secrets of digital sales and ecommerce consulting while having a good time!

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A full package for work and life

We want to offer the best possible environment for professional and personal growth. The benefits help you focus on what is important: ensuring our clients succeed. 


Share program and bonus

When we succeed, everyone gets award equally. We value long-term impact over quick wins, and joined effort over individual contributions. All Roadies have the possibility to become share-owners of the company.


Comprehensive health services

We offer comprehensive health and wellness services to all of our employees, including mental wellbeing and sports benefits. Depending on your location we are also able to offer dental services.


Tools of your choosing

You can freely choose your preferred laptop, phone, and other IT equipment you will be using for your work. We also provide a phone plan.


Insurance and leaves

Our insurances cover you at work and your free time. Depending on your location this also includes travel during free-time. We encourage Roadies to take parental leave and give them the ability to decide on when to use their holidays.


Paid volunteering

Good Impact Program, an open-source and social impact program sponsored by Columbia Road, allows our people to do good by contributing to initiatives that are close to their hearts and minds - and get compensated for it.


Professional growth

We have established learning programs and frameworks to support our Roadies' professional growth. In addition, every Roadie gets a credit card they can use for professional learning. Books, courses, events, certifications - whatever you need.


Smooth everyday life

We want our employees to be able to focus on what is important. That's why we have various benefits (for example commuting, healthy snacks, and breakfasts) that make our employees' everyday life easier and smoother.


And more!

Depending on your location we have more additional benefits at your perusal. Please ask more during your interviews!

Culture Code

We are an equal opportunity employer

Get to know us, the Roadies, and Columbia Road in this culture book. We wrote it ourselves as a team, and it's about how we see, feel, and live Columbia Road's culture, values, and mission — and everyday life on the Road.

See our Culture Code


Open positions

We are always looking for new Roadies!

We are recruiting new people at all times. Our core roles include developers, designers, marketing tech, and data. You can sort the roles by competence or location, or search with a keyword. 

TitleContent Marketer CompetenceBusiness LocationHelsinki
TitleSenior Marketing Automation & CRM Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationStockholm
TitleSenior Web Analytics Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationHelsinki
TitleSalesforce Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationHelsinki
TitleCRM Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationHelsinki
TitleSenior Software Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationHelsinki
TitleBackend developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationHelsinki
TitleSenior Marketing Automation Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationHelsinki
TitleSenior Web Analytics Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationTampere
TitleSalesforce Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleSenior Software Developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleCRM Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationTampere
TitleBackend developer CompetenceDevelopment LocationTampere
TitleSenior Marketing Automation Consultant CompetenceMartech LocationTampere
TitleOpen Application Competence- LocationHelsinki

Become an associate roadie

The Associate Program is a full-time summer job with the possibility to start working part-time already before summer.

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