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The Digital Sales Handbook for leaders in IT

As revenue keeps moving to digital, it’s clear that IT needs to work closely together with sales – IT is an essential enabler for sales and revenue.

Sharing a common understanding of the buyer journey between functions allows IT to choose and combine technology solutions more efficiently to create concrete sales impact.

The Handbook, is a crystallisation of the key themes leaders in IT need to understand in 2021 to push their digital-enabled sales forward. 

Some examples of the book's topics:
  • Sales focus in IT
  • Shared targets, road mapping and collaboration models between functions
  • Coherent data in all channels
  • Full-cycle DevOps
  • Custom or out-of-the-box solutions, or something in between
  • Leading through the customer journey / cross-functional sales funnel
Plus interviews with industry experts including:
  • David Blomquist, Head of Digitalisation, Wood Product at Stora Enso
  • Kati Andersson, VP Customer & Commercial Solutions at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
  • Rod Kilgour, CIO at Tiger of Sweden


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