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Digital Sales Efficiency and Win-back Strategies

Digital sales efficiency

Report by Columbia Road

We conducted research with Nordic sales and marketing leaders from different industries to get a better understanding of how the role of digital sales and marketing is going to change after due to the market downturn and what the future holds.


  • 12 deep-dive interviews 
  • Online survey with 88 digital sales and marketing decision-makers 
  • Consumer internet omnibus survey with 1051 adults 

Some key findings:

55% of consumers have bought online products and services that they had not bought online before.

41% of companies stated that there has been an increase in digital sales.

“This is the new normal”: Based on all in-depth interviews and numerous comments, the respondents strongly feel that new ways of selling and marketing are here to stay.

Momentum: The changed situation has provided significant momentum and push towards digital ways of selling and marketing.

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