Diversity & Sustainability


 As a company, we have the opportunity to create change with our employees, at our clients, and in the world. We can choose better and choose wiser. We can decide to take a stand against inequity. We can embrace change and say no to “this is how it’s always been”.

We are at the beginning of our journey, but we have chosen to be an actor rather than a bystander.

Social responsibility


The Columbia Road Culture Code
In the Culture Code book Roadies write about how we see, feel, and live Columbia Road's culture, values, and mission. And everyday life.
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Good Impact Program


Good Impact is an open-source and social impact program sponsored by Columbia Road. We enable our people to do good by contributing to initiatives that are close to their hearts and minds.

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Charitable Contributions


We want to make an impact in the world and do good by making yearly donations to non-profit organizations, preferred and chosen by our Roadies.


Share Program: All Roadies have the opportunity to own shares of Columbia Road. 

Bonus Model: The yearly bonus model is equal for all employees, and everyone receives an equal payout if goals are met.

Salary Fairness: A process where every Roadie's salary is evaluated and compared with peers and (if decided) adjusted, twice per year. 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DE&I task force

At Columbia Road, all individuals are valued and treated equally. We have established a DE&I task force consisting of Roadies whose goal is to ensure fair treatment for all and clarify that diversity, equity, and inclusion are an important part of developing the working environment at Columbia Road. 

Inklusiiv Partner

Inklusiiv is a community that creates and shares knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion, and supports organisations to transform DEI into action.


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Women in Tech Partner

We are partners with Women in Tech Finland, an organisation that aims to encourage and support women and promote the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in technology.

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Tjejer Kodar Partner

We are partners with Tjejer Kodar, the largest community for women in technology in Sweden. 

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Mimmit Koodaa Partner

We are partners with Mimmit Koodaa, a program aiming to increase gender equality in the Finnish software industry by breaking the stereotype that coding is only for men.

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Roadies in numbers

55 % are Columbia Road shareholders

20 different nationalities represented

60 % are men 

40 % are women

40 % are developers

27 % work with marketing technologies

18 % are designers 

12 % of Roadies help keep the show running

1 official company language: English


WWF Green Office

Being certified as a WWF Green Office has helped us to build a suitable environmental management system for our organisation, allowing us to reduce our workplace’s carbon footprint and use natural resources sustainably. We are also closely following our CO2 consumption.


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Breakit Impact Challenge

Breakit believes that entrepreneurs and tech companies can contribute to a positive change for our vulnerable earth and make it better.

We have completed the Breakit Impact Challenge in December 2021. The Challenge was a boot camp for the benefit of the climate, allowing companies to get the chance to challenge themselves to become as climate-friendly as possible in just five weeks.

On our way to becoming a
B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We are in the process of getting certified.

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