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Agile ecommerce development


Reima is the market leader in kids clothing in Northern Europe. The company designs and produces functional children’s wear that enable children to be active and play in any weather. Reima products are being sold in more than 30 countries.


Reima has defined online as their home base in their strategy. Therefore, sales targets for their digital channels are substantial. Reima has made significant investments in developing digital customer experience and sales in recent years. This has also meant investments in processes and operating models to drive agility and responsiveness in operations.

Columbia Road opened our eyes to the real bottlenecks we have in our ecommerce operations. Now we have the ability to speed up the development and implement improved ways of working.

Elina Björklund, CEO, Reima

Our approach

Now was the time to gear up, so the critical question was, what kind of model would enable agility in ecommerce operations and thus enable faster growth for online sales in Reima online stores?

We decided that first, we would have to understand better the current state and underlying challenges and bottlenecks in ecommerce agility and responsiveness. To accomplish that, we examined Reima’s current methods and ways of working in all the areas related to ecommerce. Based on the results, we created a proposal and a work plan to enhance agility in ecommerce operations and development.


As a result, we created pragmatic recommendations for improving agility in Reima’s ecommerce operations, including roles and responsibilities, development, operative model and performance management. According to our work plan, Reima decided to reorganise its digital sales functions and improve its current operating models.

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