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Alko mobile app


Alko is a monopoly owned by the Finnish State. It has the exclusive right in Finland to sell alcoholic beverages with more than 5,5 volume per cent of alcohol. Alko was established in 1932.


In Spring 2019, Alko launched a mobile app as part of a bigger program, the goal of which is to serve Alko’s customers the best possible way wherever they are. In 2016 Alko launched a webstore to support its 360-store network and has continued to develop its omnichannel customer experience based on customer feedback. The mobile app is one step towards world-class customer service.

The case

Columbia Road, together with Alko, designed and built the Alko Mobile app.

On a mobile device, the Alko app is the most convenient way to interact with Alko. Over 1000 customers took part in different phases of the project to ensure a high-quality end product.

Working together with Columbia Road was a pleasure! The project team was highly skilled, professional and proactive, which made my role as a Product Owner a lot easier.

Max Tötterman, Development Manager, Digital CX, Alko

Main features of the Alko app

All the world’s flavours in your pocket: You can conveniently browse Alko’s entire selection of 8500 products, search for products and get detailed information about a specific product.

Sign in and save your taste memories: You can sign in with your credentials, and while you are signed in, you can save and rate products and create lists.

Make convenient purchases: You can purchase products from Alko’s webstore directly from your lists or by picking products from the entire selection. Along with thousands of beverages, customers can also purchase high-quality accessories for serving drinks and gift wrapping.

Alko at hand everywhere - find the closest Alko store: Alko is available throughout Finland via a network of 360 stores and 80 pick-up points. You will easily find the closest Alko to you and see its product selection in the app.

How to get the app

Download the Alko mobile app from App Store or Google Play store. The app is free to download and free to use.

User rating (2/2020) on App Store: 4.4/5

User rating (2/2020) on Google Play: 4.6/5

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