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Design for a highly converting platform to scale across multiple markets and brands


Loopia Group is an innovative European web services and hosting business. Since June 2018, Loopia Group has been owned by Axcel, a Nordic private equity firm focusing on mid-market companies.


Loopia Group is a leading European web service and hosting business with its largest operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia. They have a large brand portfolio, including brands like Loopia, WebSupport, Planeetta, Hostingpalvelu, Domainhotelli, and they are growing rapidly in existing as well as in new markets. To facilitate faster expansion and drive growth, they needed one common streamlined website platform to be used and easily updated across their different company brands and markets.

Key objectives

The new solution is needed to ensure efficient, converting websites for all current and new companies when continuing their rapid growth trajectory.

For this Loopia needed a partner to help create a new website strategy specifically focusing on a new modern, efficient and highly converting design. The current website also needed to be separated from the existing platform to allow for easier updates going forward. To deliver on these focus areas, additional work was needed on the overall tech architecture and the renewal of design elements for the Loopia brand.

The aim was to create a high-performing, reusable framework with component-based design building blocks to be easily used and updated across all brands and markets. Guiding the creation of the new website solution was an iterative process with design, technology and business working tightly together to ensure that the various business goals could be met across all Loopia brands. would serve as a proof of concept and a template for the rest of Loopia group sites.

The tight collaboration with Columbia Road has enabled the creation of a website truly catered to our and our customers' needs. The new scalable platform will allow our business to continue its rapid expansion while still ensuring efficient, converting websites

Isak Stigson, Marketing Director, Loopia

Our approach

We set out to design a platform that met the needs of all Loopia group companies and, by extension, all of their end customers. Therefore we needed to create design blocks that worked for the brand initially but that could also be easily adapted to other Loopia Group companies in the future. In the initial phase of the project, the focus was on gathering insights regarding Loopia’s business requirements, its customer needs and the overall Loopia brand. For this, we collaborated closely with Loopia Group stakeholders, conducting user testing and interviews to ensure that the new design elements delivered value to the users.

SEO and scalability were put forth as leading parameters for creating the design. We, therefore, focused on the structure of the site, its navigation, page layouts, and information hierarchy and on creating a clean design that is easy to iterate on and experiment with to ensure that the design enables the SEO and growth goals going forward.

To support the new website strategy and design, we worked with the internal Loopia team advising on a new technology setup to suit a global platform. We established processes for secure creation and scalability for new company websites on WordPress. Finally, the new design and website structure was turned into ready layouts for ensuing implementation.


The tight collaboration between Columbia Road and Loopia stakeholders, as well as the cross-functional expertise of design, business and tech functions, enabled the creation of a website design to cater to and to be carried over and adapted to all current and future Loopia Group brands once implemented. The new design is modern and SEO-optimised to increase conversions and drive sales. It serves as a proof-of-concept, and the ready design building blocks will work as a scalable platform for the different companies within Loopia Group.

The new design delivers:

  • Modernised brand look and feel
  • Conversion-optimised design, SEO and customer journey to drive sales
  • Easy to update, reusable framework with component-based design building blocks to facilitate different brands and websites
  • Processes for scaling new secure websites as the Loopia company portfolio expands

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