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End-to-end customer collaboration platform to fuel growth


TietoAkseli offers financial and human resources management, auditing and corporate finance services, helping businesses reach their goals.


TietoAkseli Group offers scalable solutions for financial services and human resources management, auditing and corporate finance, with modern technology and personal service. They support customers at all stages of their company's life cycle.

Key objectives

TietoAkseli is growing rapidly both organically and through acquisitions. To further fuel its growth, TietoAkseli needed to create a scalable digital collaboration platform to cater for the processes all the way from lead generation to service delivery.

The marketing, sales and service teams at TietoAkseli were facing the limitations of their way of working as the company grew and the processes were not fully connected. They were in need of a scalable digital collaboration system equipped to handle new customer users in the hundreds. They were also looking to automate and streamline processes and find ways to offer their customers high-quality customer service efficiently without sending back and forth hundreds of emails on a weekly or daily basis. 

What was needed was a scalable end-to-end solution from marketing to sales, service and collaboration – all on one platform.

Our approach

Columbia Road helped TietoAkseli by first designing an end-to-end digital sales and customer collaboration journey and implementing a seamless solution on the Salesforce platform.

The work began with setting up tools to support efficient and connected marketing and sales processes for TietoAkseli. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement was used for lead generation and nurturing, and sales was supported with Sales Cloud for B2B sales.

Having set marketing and sales up for success and laid the foundation for managing customer data, the work continued onwards to setting up processes for customer service and collaboration.

The service delivery organisation at Tietoakseli now connects to customer stakeholders using a seamless process that relies on a customer self-service portal and a case management system. As information and document sharing is at the core of the service process, SharePoint was integrated with the solution to enable automation and efficient collaboration between service delivery organisation and their clients. In addition, Salesforce's Event Monitoring was set up to ensure secure managing of all data. WithSecure's Cloud Protection further helped keep the clients' sensitive data safe.

Our work included:

  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) for lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Sales Cloud for B2B sales
  • Service Cloud for service delivery and internal ticketing
  • Experience Cloud for customer collaboration
  • SharePoint integration using FilesConnect and custom development
  • Event Monitoring to ensure secure information management
  • WithSecure Cloud Protection for information security

Columbia Road's seamless solution helps both our experts and our clients excel in their work. Not only that, the end-to-end platform supports us on our ambitious growth trajectory

Ilkka Kemppilä, Project Leader, TietoAkseli


Over a six-month period we were able to build a complete customer collaboration platform for TietoAkseli on Salesforce, supporting them further in their ambitious growth trajectory.

Through the collaboration platform, TietoAkseli has been able to significantly improve the efficiency of everyday work both internally and together with their clients. Instead of streams of emails, the new solution enables smooth self-service and automatisation of many processes.

The project is part of a larger organisational transformation that enables TietoAkseli to keep growing. It has significantly helped TietoAkseli to digitalize their ways of working from lead generation all the way to close collaboration with their clients.

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