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Omnichannel customer experience for a new product launch

Orion Pharma

Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Columbia Road helped Orion Pharma develop an omnichannel customer experience strategy in conjunction with a new brand launch in multiple markets.

Key objectives

Our objective was to create a consistent customer experience that eventually transforms how Orion’s new product is seen as a part of everyday life.

Developing consistent and impactful customer experience in every channel is a gigantic aspiration of modern marketing which will not succeed without diverse expertise of every channel and profound insight of the customers!

Pasi Nevalainen, Global Brand Manager, Orion Pharma

Our approach

We set out to map the concrete customer journeys with new touchpoints that can scale the sales and marketing resources in target markets. First, we gathered data and analysed important personas in chosen markets, recognised different stakeholders and influencers, and mapped their target journeys, including Touchpoints / Channels, Content Needs, Key Messages, Business Goals, KPIs, Organisational Activities, and Technology Systems.

Together with Orion, Futurice, and other partners, we identified customer journey bottlenecks and opportunities and proposed concrete actions. Together we implemented an analytics setup for the brand and planned concrete touchpoints with modern, SEO-optimised content aligned with the renewed brand.


To increase awareness and engagement with the renewed product brand, we implemented new touchpoints and supported end-user content creation.

Key online channels in focus were direct search, SEM, content in end-customer web channels, sales meetings and targeted email marketing.

We trained Orion personnel for new capabilities in customer experience management, online analytics, and global content creation strategies.

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