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Unlocking the potential of scalable SEO in the security sector

Sector Alarm

Sector Alarm is the leading security system provider in the Nordics with over 25 years of experience.


Sector Alarm partnered with Columbia Road to implement a scalable SEO framework, leading to remarkable improvements in traffic, visibility, and ranking.


In today's digital landscape, the importance of a robust SEO strategy cannot be overstated. For companies like Sector Alarm, optimising their online presence for search engines is paramount to driving organic traffic and enhancing visibility in a competitive market. However, realising these objectives can be challenging without a structured approach to SEO. 

Sector Alarm, a reputable player in the security sector, faced a significant challenge: despite offering top-notch products and services, their website struggled to attract organic traffic. The absence of a systematic SEO structure hindered their ability to capitalise on digital opportunities and reach their target audience effectively.

Our partnership with Columbia Road has been a game-changer. From overcoming SEO challenges to implementing a scalable framework, we've witnessed remarkable growth in organic traffic, visibility, and search rankings.

Outi Potila, Website & Advertising Specialist, Sector Alarm 

Setting up a scalable SEO strategy

Recognising the critical importance of a comprehensive SEO strategy, we collaborated closely with Sector Alarm to address their challenges. The project started with a thorough SEO audit, delving into website architecture, content quality, and technical aspects. A meticulous keyword analysis followed this to identify relevant search terms and opportunities for optimisation. Finally, we conducted a content gap analysis to pinpoint areas for content enhancement and expansion.

With the audits and analyses, we had a solid foundation for optimising the Sector Alarm page for search engines. We started the work with technical fixes to resolve issues that impeded search engine crawlability and indexing. Our team also optimised existing landing pages for improved relevance and visibility in search results. 

We also provided Sector Alarm strategic guidance for the development of new pillar pages and blog posts aligned with target keywords and user intent as well as offered recommendations for conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to enhance user experience and maximise conversion opportunities.

To carry out the strategy based on analysis and recommendations by our consultants, we equipped the Sector Alarm team with comprehensive training on Google Analytics 4, empowering them to glean valuable insights and track performance effectively. We spent time establishing a solid foundation for ongoing SEO efforts, including regular monitoring, analysis, and iterative optimisation.

Together, we've not only optimised our digital footprint but also equipped our team with invaluable insights and skills for continued success in the digital landscape.

Outi Potila, Website & Advertising Specialist, Sector Alarm

Impact on key traffic & search metrics

  • #1 position for relevant keywords and phrases
  • 42% increase in organic website traffic
  • 62% surge in blog visibility
  • Increased internal capabilities for Sector Alarm's team


Since the launch, we have seen an impactful increase in ranking and organic traffic volumes driven by the implementation of the new strategy. The increase in organic website traffic signals a substantial uptick in online visibility and user engagement. The increase in blog visibility also indicates enhanced content relevance and resonance with the target audience.

Sector Alarm now outperforms main competitors in search rankings, securing the coveted number one position for relevant keywords and phrases. Moreover, the project empowered the Sector Alarm team with invaluable knowledge and skills in SEO strategy, competitive analysis, product demand assessment, CRO techniques, and website navigation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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