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Jan 24, 2017 6:45:00 AM

Antton Ikola joins Columbia Road

Patricia Åkerman

Head of Marketing & Communications

Do you hate those sales guys who relentlessly chase you on the phone and email, they talk on top of you and forget what they were actually selling to you in the first place? Well so do we. Which is why we spent a lot of time and effort to find a truly sympathetic and authentic people person like Antton to join our New Business team. He’s 100% interested in other human beings and solving their sometimes manifold problems - and we just love that!

Antton joins us from Terra Patris, a conglomerate in the manufacturing industry. He has previously worked for the Tampere University of Technology and Think Tank Demola where he led international teams operating in marketing and software development. Antton spent a year in St. Petersburg where he got inspired to pursue his talent in presenting ideas and problem solving in customer facing work.

“Using lean methods to align business, technology and people inspire me in everyday life and I aspire to learn and reach beyond boundaries to constantly grow as a professional. Having worked many years in customer service, I am essentially a people person equipped with a keen eye for technology that drives business impact,” says Antton.

“Antton’s background in organizational data management and agile business development is what caught our attention. He has specialized in how data travels through a company and in creating efficient yet people friendly process for large organizations. He’s a true professional who inherently knows how to create unique and worthwhile encounters,” says Sampo Hämäläinen, Founding Partner at Columbia Road.

On his free time Antton loves activities where he can educate himself and activate his brain in creative ways while having a cup of coffee with some honey. He has just moved to Helsinki, so walking around and getting to know the city is a favorite at the moment. He’s into art and culture and loves a good podcast, such as Boss Level. Having Antton around is both comforting and inspiring, such joy!

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